The Happening

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So we went to some cool place the other day called ‘tinseltown’ – which is supposedly kinda famous for their milkshakes.
They had all sorts of weird milkshakes there , the jist of it is that they basically Get icecream and throw it in a blender along with some sort of chocolate bar/cookie/biscuit/bag of crisps/pebble.
Stuff they had off the top of my head…
Ferrero rocher , twix bar, snickers bar, mars bar , hobnob , oreo ,lion bar , dime bar , after eights , boost bar….

Also had a mammoth burger thing – double beefburger with bacon and egg with fries. I almost threw up.

We then went to see ‘The Happening’ – i had no idea what to expect , whether it was supposed to be good or not , etc etc.

Film spoilers below – and by i mean i practicaly type out everything in the film.
Highlight the below yourself or CTRL+A if you want a shitty film spoiled for you.

The jist of the film was that the plants are killing people by some sort of airbourne toxin which makes people commit suicide. Farfetched? very.
The main moments of entertainment for me were probably the parts where somebody else pointed out that the main character always looks really angry. and the parts with creative suicides – for example (and this is the best part of the film right here) – Some guy turns a giant lawnmower on , puts it to turn right so it spins around in circles then lays down in front of it. – Im pretty glad that there were other people in the cinema with a sadistic side to themselves , along with me laughing , the guy in front of me and the guy to my right were as well. One of my friends suggested that perhaps they’re actually laughing AT me , not with me. But whatever – i think a guy getting run over my a lawnmower is hilarious so fuck them.
The Film ends just as badly as cloverfield did – although at least in cloverfield the threat was still present. In this the deadly whatever the fuck it is basicallly just disapears for good and everyone is saved.

What a shit film.

Age Of Meng and Changingman (Conan)

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So after making our characters and running around doing the solo stuff , finding out how to be able to find each other ingame etc etc. We went on a funky amazing quest into a cave to kill some stuff.

Heres a picture of us looking really intense , theres some funky magic dude in the background too.

Apparently in hyboria its perfectly normal for there to be a stream of lava running through a lush green area with streams near the town. its also apparent that if you arent concentrating whilst crossing the bridge you will fall in and be de-gillz’d

My character actually breakdances , he’s pretty G like that.
Although i do think Boyce’s character’s dance is more amazing – he does the russian dance thing.. sorta.

We then went on an epic quest to kill crocodiles and explore the ‘white sands’ area , which should be renamed to ‘nuclear sands’ as far as im concerned.

We got killed a few times , sometimes due to faggots PKing us whilst we’re trying to take down a boss monster , sometimes because Boyce was like ‘Hay! this guy is 4 times our level but we can take him!’ and then rushing at them as soon as i start attacking a nearby monster.

The first day of age of conan was pretty damn amazing , If the real gameworld is massive compared to Tortage (starter island essentially) then im going to be pretty happy.

I do kinda wish the world was seamless like it is in WoW though – maybe it is on the real game island. but load screens and going through gates with load screens does ruin the immersion somewhat.

Whilst im at it , this game is pretty damn PC intensive. Running it at everything maxxed but with no antialiasing i get an average of around 20-30fps I think. Not the perfect 60 but its more than adequate for an MMO game.

To celebrate the start of summer

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Best hentai evar?

Dats some fine hentai.

One more – AnotherStupidThing

So my last 2 exams were alright , my Biology one was okay but kinda hard. My accounts one got beasted pretty well i think.

Bring on the summer.

ps. you niggers need to stop fucking i-Dosing , im pretty sure that stuff cant be good for you.

More watermelons

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So normal techbums run benchies on their rigs using actual benching software , stuff like ‘3dMark06’ and shit.

Awesome people on the other hand , use oblivion for benchmarking.


10k Attempt (with sweet annotations – which i hope display in embedded media.)

edit: FUCK. it doesent :< Over nine Thousand?

AgE oF CoNaN

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So my Age Of Conan came yesterday.

My first impressions of the game (not that ive really played it) , is that its big.

Everything about this game is huge.

First – the additional costs , not going to say exactly how much it all came to , but it certainly was NOT the $50 (£25) advertised on the site , after whacking on shipping charges , import tax , miscellaneous fees…. >_>”

Then there’s the box that the game comes in , i was expecting to get a simple DVD case. Instead i got a double sized DVD case along with some nifty cardboard cover thing that opens up and is embossed and all this shit. Cool stuff.

And then there’s the install. – oh ma ghuuuud.
I think it took somewhere in the region of 75 to 90 minutes to install.

and THEN there’s the patching. I think you patch somewhere in the region of 800mb in total (the one shown below wasnt the only patch that needed to be downloaded) – I think the patching in total came to about 8 hours , despite the ETA shown.

However , its all good to go , im all patched up and ready to rumble , and as soon as my Friday exams finish ima pone up some o dat Aye Oh See.

I hope you guys (Leetfella , Anony , potentially Nguman and Hawk too) are gonna get in on this shit cuz its gonna be XtR3m3

oh also , i borrowed Boyce’s account to see if it runs properly – i was kinda doubting whether my new card would be able to run it properly.

It looks pretty hot. – i was kinda expecting more though , everyone was talking about how pretty AoC looks.. Maybe its just the area i was in.

UL7|24 B347D0\/\/N

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So as some of you may know , DR4G0NF0R(3 is coming out with a new album soon , its going to be called…


Which is pretty much THE BEST album title ever conceived , ever.

“Tom (Cross) says:
It sounds like they’re taking rejected names from a pokemon move naming contest and naming albums after them”

I actually never thought of that before. Lets review a few of these rejected moves.

“Fury of the Storm” – Dragon type , does shitfuckton of damage

“My Spirit Will Go on” – Ghost / Dragon Type , Auto ressurects the pokemon after death

“Cry of the brave (bonus track)” – Dragon Type , Kinda like Roar , only the bonus version.

“Through the Fire and Flames” – Dragon Type , immunity to fire… and flames.

“Operation Ground and Pound” – Ground/Dragon Type , Throws a military style tantrum and starts pounding the floor

“Body Breakdown” – Dragon type , pokemon decomposes.

“Invocation of the Apocalyptic Evil” – Dragon Type , Automatically defeats everything

And so i set off… to make my own dragonforce song.

And the result?



(Guitar Solo)




(7 Minute Guitar Solo)



(Guitar Solo)

I think it came out pretty well myself.

Im yet to decide on a suitable track title though. Maybe something like ‘UNIVERSE ETERNITY FIRE’

Perhaps one of you can leave a title in the comment box :3


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I got bored and made a little bioshock video to show off my new card.

Graphics are purty.

Im pretty impressed it was frapsing at about 30fps even though all the settings were on max and i was running it at 1920×1200. Good stuff.

7.8mb Bioshock Video

Big Daddy is p1zz3d

New and Beastly

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This is my old card , XFX 7600GT 256mb , it aint bad. aint bad at all.
I finished crysis on this thing , and it plays just about everything i have (aside from Turok , stranglehold , Blacksite)

Sitting around , around 2:45pm , talking to Hawk.
Awww chea.

The box was smaller than i thought , considering how my old graphics card box was humongous.

The card itself however WAS humongous.
Its hard to realise how big it is when you see it in pictures. I took a picture of it next to a standard sized pen.
Its about the thickness of 4 of these pens , and almost double the length.

It came with some awesome stickers too , although i just collect stickers and dont actually use them on my case.

While i was at it i figure i may as well adjust my CPU Heatsink since my top fan doesn’t work as well as the back one.

Some results pictures
Its Nice to be able to turn everything to high.
Crysis here , everything max , no AA

Assasins Creed , everything max

Timeshift , everything max

Maplestory , everything max , bloom on

Come Rain or Shine

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Was pissing it down today. jeez.

I had another one of my accounts exams this morning.

It was pretty hard , but i felt that i did my best , and realistically that’s all i can do right?

Exams Left : 2
Next Exam Date: Friday 13th
Next Exam subject : Accounts A2 , Biology A2 (one after the other)

Also , no word on my age of conan yet , wonder what happened there. maybe they ran out of stock? kinda bitchin for them not to tell me though :<

exam update

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ICT exam this morning went okay , half the questions seemed alright to answer and other half were kinda :/

I’ll live , hopefully should be like a B at least on that paper.

Tomorrow (friday) its my accounts exam. Yay!

And by yay i mean ‘oh fuck no’

At least i get a week before my next exams after tomorrow


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I technically just bought a new graphics card.

go me.

It should arrive in about a week (free delivery)

also. fuck you – semi-overpriced shit and then you whack on 8 quid shipping and then claim ‘some money’ may be used as a debit charge. all the fucking way.


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Another boring day of sitting around.

Although half way through i got bored of revision and decided to research mormons.



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(i gots nothin to blog. – was out all day yesterday so didnt have time to think of anything.)

Exam update

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So im typing this up in the library waiting for someone else to finish their exam.

I just did 2 AS accounts papers (they were resits) , they were by far the most fucked up exam papers ive ever sat in my life , they were absoloutely horrific.

The easy questions were hard and the hard questions bordered on notpron hints (that being , stupidly hard to the extent where its not even worth trying to understand them)

Everything i revised lots of didnt appear at all , or only in minor questions worth pittens. The stuff i thought i had under wraps were given a fresh lick of paint along with a new engine the size of seans best heatsink.

I got raped.

Exams done so far : 3
Exams to go : 4
Next Exam : Thursday – ICT (Computing Theory)


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Ive been revising all day , this is what my brain looks like.

Ill be damned if im spending more than 20 seconds thinking up a blog post when i have an exam tomorrow.

edit : holy shit good stuff on youtube.

Fuck yeah embedding!

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