Age of Conan – Fugitive system update

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Interesting Age of Conan Update

Long story short :

If you kill People way under your level alot , you turn into a ‘fugitive’ , this turns your name red for everyone to see.
If you get killed whilst in Fugitive state ,you will lose an item or some money.

Enjoy killing level 7’s over and over while you still can Boyce lol. – Does look like they’re adding stun effect to your charge skill though so its not all bad i guezz?

Also leetfella , this means that the devs actually do give a shit about the pvp. Told you so.

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  1. L33tfella_H

    well i mean i gezz i got p0n3d

  2. That just means I’ll kill even more level 1-10s. I live for this shit, I’ll be like Jesse James of Tha_Hyb0r1an_4g3Z. :D

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