The Hole (2001)

The night before going to thorpe park we watched ‘The Hole’ , which is supposedly a psychosomething or other thriller.Note : I am NOT talking about this film:‘The Hole (2003 film), a gay erotic film parody of The Ring (itself … Read More


Christ. that is a LOT of time , effort and probably money as well.Pretty damn impressive. ps. They’re remaking full metal alchemist now? what the hell. At least its in HD goodness i guess.

Surprise party // Hit the deck

Went to Frances surprise birthday party thing yesterday night , thought it would be nice to surprise her.Night ranged from fun to weird to awkward but Frances seemed to enjoy it so thats what matters most i guess. At around … Read More


Best film ive seen in ages , probably better than watchmen – which was also amazing.Experience possibly made better by watching over vent.