Final Week of ‘freedom’

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This is my last week at home , after which i go back to uni and start the hardest probably most stressful 8 weeks of my life yet. At current in terms of my studies , ive read through 3/4 of my notes from lectures , the problem with this of course is that ive onnly read through them , i dont think anything has actually gone into my brain and as such im going to fucking flop when the exam comes. I tried a mock exam paper yesterday , it didnt go to well as i couldnt answer any of the questions. None of them. Nada. 6.5 weeks til my exam starts and i cant even answer 1 question. Im so fucked.

Other news includes:

-Got a smarties easter egg , yay chocolate.
-For his birthday , my brother decided to go into game as usual – got infinite undiscovery and Skate. Both of which are pretty good games so far (although skate is fucking hard.)
-I havent had any jelly in 5 weeks ish , thats insane.
-My desk isnt big enough to put my huge folder of notes down with my keyboard so my keyboard is on my lap atm , im also sitting on a desk chair which has arm rests – this is most annoying.
-Gordon ramsays kitchen nightmares is a pretty entertaining show , its pretty much ‘Pimp my restaurant’ but with more cockroaches and swearing (and an upsetting amount less X2theZ)
-Although i think my lab report and assignment is done , i dont think they’re properly done – that would be way too clever of me so i probably finished them so they;re mostly done and then they’re going to feast on my nuts when ive got mad revision to be doing.
-speaking of mad revision , that shit is boring as hell. Im not sure if its because i have a 360 downstairs with new games or whether its because i have no willpower whatsoever or what but i find it seriously challenging to spend more than half an hour at a time doing revision – i dont concentrate much either so its just me staring at the paper for a while. -I have a can of rubicon passionfruit drink on my desk at the moment , it is nize.
-Its Frances’s birthday tomorrow , i havent gotten her anything yet , and i worry if i will before i see her tomorrow.
-Made a new category called ‘Uni stuff’ fuck if i know whats the difference between uni stuff and ‘blog’ , i guess if its a post of just me complaining about exams or whatever then it’ll go into uni stuff.. even though its still blog…. i… fuckit.


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So, the wolverine film’s workprint got leaked on the interwebs , nabbed a copy etc.

Its actually very watchable , i was expecting it to be much much worse but the film only reeeaally shows unfinished parts towards the end.

The workprint IS more entertaining than the actual release , i can guarantee.

Here are some highlights.


Best for last.


Asian supermarket

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^ These are marshmallow thingies with some flavour jelly in the middle , but whats with the flavour on the right?

^ Dont even have to say anything.

^ No idea what Mochi Choco or Maccha Pie is , but these things look like some crazy asian wagon wheels

^ ‘Wooden Chopping board’ £75
Mothafucka thats a tree trunk what the fuck are you choppin GOD DAYUM.

bonus feature:

Things i do and dont miss about uni.

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Things i dont miss:
– Patrick stealing my kitchenware
– Screaming down the halls at 2am
– Helens ALARMCLOCK9000 which was forged in the armpit of mordor and has the power to awaken daedra with its ringing power (shit is armourpiercing too , straight through the wall at 9am)
– Having to do laundry
– Having drum and bass being played from across the hall at times when i want to nap
– Tim’s ridiculously OP speakers
– Sonal coming into my room to eat my food (theres no point going to the gym twice a week if you’re going to come and eat my food as well)

Things i miss:
– Uni friends
– Being able to go out to clubs and such if i feel like it
– Being able to knock on the door next to mine if i need homework help
– Being able to knock on duncans door to play halo
– Gaming in the common room
– Hot, powerful showers (the shower at home is shit.)
– Silly practical jokes that ed would play on me
– Jelly in the fridge
– Icecream in the freezer
– Cheap cinema , student cinema ftw not this £5 per film crap that they’re pulling at home.
– Playing SF4 with tom , he was a good match (most of the time.)
– Bullying jenna
– Swimming on the weekends , for free and without much of a walk needed

Things im surprised i miss:
– Loud crazy gemma asking me for homework help, i guess its nice having someone loud and in your face every now and then.
– Cooking , not sure why but its kinda relaxing i guess
– Going food shopping… I have no idea why :S

-In other news , this is the 460th post ive made
-I also just finished my essay this morning , 2.3k words
-I have a mouth ulcer :<

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