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Thought this was quite an intresting survey/quiz thing which will probably appeal to most people that read this blog.

For me…


Your BrainHex Sub-Class is SocialiserConqueror.

You like hanging around with people you trust and helping people as well as defeating impossibly difficult foes, struggling until you eventually achieve victory, and beating other players.

Favourite games of Socialisers surveyed so far include Final Fantasy, Left 4 Dead, Pokémon, Team Fortress 2, and World of Warcraft .


Id say that sounds about right , I do love all of those games and like being part of a team/squad. What about you guys? (leave dem comments)

This place sure is different…

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So this week we have more labs to do :/

Today we did a virtual nerve simulation, which was pretty boring stuff. Yesterday however (Monday) we did a frog disection… Essentially we were given a freshly killed frog which had been decapitated , I then had to cut off the skin on its chest and cut upwards through its chest , move stuff out of the way and find the heart in a little sac , i then had to cut open the sac and basically pull out the heart slightly and clip it onto a thing which measures weight – this then could measure heartbeats… Oh yeah , i forgot to mention , the heart is still beating.
Yeeeaaahh… the heart muscle basically beats on its own to prevent problems in the brain from killing off the animal, so as long as we put this nutrient solution it would keep beating , and it did – for like 2 or 3 hours while we did various tests on it (such as changing the temperature , putting depressant on it , putting adrenaline on it , using string to cut off the atria from the ventricles (seperating the top and bottom) , and a bunch of other shit ).


Poor Frawgy.


Also , on the bus home today I ended up sitting at the top at the back (where all the gangsta’s sit and shi fo rizzle) , I spotted some ‘graffiti’ which made me laugh. Warwick sure is different to Essex..

It may be a little heart to work out because of my fuzzy camera , but basically its an ionic arrangement of Sodium Chloride (salt) compound , complete with scale measured in angstroms.

Finally , a picture of the ridiculous amount of wires around and under my desk right now.


In other news…

– Sales at asda , ended up with 3 packs of M&M’s :D
– Still failing at doing essay work
– Global KDR has risen in MW2 , tried using ACOG Barrat50cal with sleight of hand pro today, was pretty hilarious being able to quickscope and kill people in 1 chest shot.
– 9am lecture tomorrow ~.~
– Party stuff is getting prepared, we still dont have the booze yet.
– Ridiculous headache almost all day today, complete BS
– We started watching ‘Drawn Together’ which is prettyhilarious.
– Episode 15 of Kaiji so far , poor guy keeps going from frying pan to fire and now has a giant eardrum remover strapped onto him.
– Ive completely fallen in love with ‘The Listening’ (Album) By ‘Lights’ , kinda like Genki Rockets meets Owl City. Listen to one of her better songs here

As usual, sorry for lack of updates.

The last week in pictures… and abit of text i suppose.

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Apolagies for no updates in a while.
I went back home for a very extended weekend on saturday and stayed there until last night.


^ ‘Green eyed monster’, my new favorite drink , chilli sambuca , blue curacao and monster ripper (which is essentially a can of sugar + water , men in black style.)
Had this to perk me up on friday night before we went clubbing for christina’s birthday. Apolagies to fiona in the background who looks alot hotter irl.


^ Kasbah in coventry , pretty packed out. Was alright for the first hour or so but then everyone wasnt really in the mood anymore and christina (birthday girl) didnt want to leave which apparently means we all had to stay >_>


^ Chinese new year in Chinatown London , went there for a big meal with family on sunday. Got lots of moneyz too.
^ Ridiculous oversized new arcade game they have at trocedero, pretty much full sized minigun and giant screen and you shoot down planes and shit.


^ My new netbook came on monday , shit is mad tiny. The screen is around 1/4 of my main monitor size. Ive also found out my oversized mousemat works well for 2 mice if i ever want to use my netbook and my main pc at the same time. I get the feeling it’ll mainly be used for work on the go or vent while im downstairs on the 360.


^ Started snowing pretty fuckin’ heavy earlier , it seems to have calmed down now but outside is now painted a thin layer of white.

Other things that have happened over the past week…
– Played and finished Assassins creed 2 over 3 days
– Got the result of my first essay that i submitted , Low 2:1 , kind of disappointed as I put my heart and soul into that thing but at least its not a 2:2 which may have made me kill myself.
– Found some leftover washing up which i forgot to do before i went home , green mold. nice.
– Im drinking root beer.
– I found out that the £10 wireless mouse i ordered for my netbook needs to have a piece of tinfoil wedged into the battery compartment otherwise the battery doesnt make contact with the pins.
– Got my windows 7 to stop nagging me about genuine
– Started watching Kaiji , intresting anime , Try watching the first episode and tell me you dont want to keep watching to find out what happens.

The scars remind us…

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This is really.. really.. not my week.
Emotionally scarred and now possibly physically too. (pushed gemma into a bush, she hit me in the face with her bag , her bag apparently contains a calculator and all manor of sharp things.)


In more uplifting news..

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Id Like to thank my friends for their varying levels of support…
Gemma for spending time with me and helping me realise there are far better girls in the world
Dil for asking if i was serious (which is funny when i look back at it ) and general being a friend
Kraws for helping me realise that bad shit only happens to good guys, and for helping to cheer me up
Various other people for asking if i was okay and stuff.

In a completely unrelated note , we watched ‘Commando’ by arnie the other day which was amazing and i think we’re watching Cool Runnings (!) tonight :D
And now some unrelated pictures.

^The latest facebook craze , the ‘Like’ attack (if im missing anyone on facebook btw , im /mengplex)


^ The amazing LIQUID NITROGEN TRUCK! Its like an ice cream truck but way COOLER! (c wut i did thur)
You cant see too well, but all the pipes and shit were completely iced over and that fog was flowing everywhere ,it was so awesome.

Closing a chapter of my life

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So , better get this out so i can go about forgetting faster.

Sunday whilst exploring fran’s facebook inbox i came across messages between her and some guy , called her up about it and turns out she’s been sleeping with some guy for the past week. Broke up over the phone on monday morning.
I fear i will have trust issues with future girls given the fact that frances completely lied to me about stuff even as i asked her over the phone , god knows what else she’s lied about , who knows maybe she was seeing other people during my entire first year of uni.

So im single again (ladies?), on the plus side now i have more time to spend with the real love of my life…

Frances : 19th May 08 – 7th Feb 2010
It was good while it lasted~ you cheating bitch!

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So last night decided to watch ‘Transporter 2’ because apparently I downloaded it ages ago in 720p , go me.
Film was actually amazing , I sort of forgot how awesome Jason Statham is (like i knew he was awesome , but not the level of awesome he presents in Transporter2).
This led to me checking out what other films he’s in on IMDB , this is when i came across a film called ‘The Expendables’….

The term ‘Holy shit’ doesnt really cover it really , a film with Stallone , Jet Li AND Jason Statham? The fuck. All it needs is ‘The Rock’ and it would be guaranteed ‘action film of the millenium’.

Going to watch Transporter 3 today at some point.. maybe now considering i just woke up and have nothing to do…. well… thats a lie , I have plenty of work to do but ugghhhhh.

Lab reports are really not something i want to do right now , they’re confusing and tbh since we did them up to 4 weeks ago i cant even remember the details of them that well anymore ~.~

Ive also recieved my next Essay title, due in on week 20 (March 18th) , the title is…
“Molecular diagnostics in medical microbiology : Yesterday , today and tomorrow’
Which is… idk… It doesnt sound particuarly nice but then again it doesnt sound TOO hard to write , surely its just researching molecular diagnostics in the past , where they are now and what they will be able to do in the future… I hope anyway


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Down Syndrome project is done with , final video link is here for anyone that wants to watch a boring documentry – , the part i edited together is around 5:30~ onwards.

In other news , labs are over for now , we got an email today telling us that we dont actually have labs weeks 5 and 6… but have 2 on week 7. Typical that they would tell us this 3 days AFTER i book tickets to go see the girlfriend for the end of week 6 and the start of week 7, because there was me thinking id be studious and go to the timetabled labs on weeks 5 and 6 and then on week 7 I’ll get a nice break! >_>

Watched Road Trip today, im sure it was better last time I saw it , should have watched something with arnold swarchenegger in instead, or fast and furious 2 (because that film is lolz)