Unthinkable (2010)

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Another film with Good’ol sammy J
A rough overview of the plot is a terrorist has planted 3 nuclear bombs in american cities, they are all rigged to blow in 4 days. The only way to find the bombs (assuming there are bombs and its not all a big hoax) is to interrogate the terrorist – who was caught.
Bring in Sammy J then.
The majority of the film is pretty much Sammy attempting to find out where the motherfuckin’ bombs are, he’s a tough cookie though so he has to do all sorts of crazy shit.

The film was…. I dont even know whether i enjoyed it or not, although something made me want to watch it through to the end at least so it cant have been that bad (I have a habit of cutting my losses if the film is still being shit after 20-30 mins). Once you start watching you really want to find out whether he manages to crack the terrorist and make him tell them the bomb locations, that grip is pretty much the bulk of the film.

No idea what to rate it , or whether or not you should watch it. *shrugs*

Oh. it also has Trinity from the matrix in it.

Maybe this trailer will sum up the film better than I have.

My average day during exam period.

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Times will be in military because it saves me time formatting it

0700 – alarm

0800 – alarm

0900 – alarm – wake up , brush teeth, check ‘dailies’ (daily webcomics, FB, Twitter, gaming blogs eg. siliconera etc)

0930 – Start revision

1100 – Probably bored by now, take a break and play a game for a bit (maybe split second or mario galaxy 2)

1130 – revision

1300 – Get lunch , eat it whilst watching Anime (fairy tail, durarara, working!!, K-on!!) or Modern Family

1325 – Attempt revision, get sidetracked by websites every 5-10 minutes , wonder downstairs every hour to see whats happening

1800 – Get hungry, cook dinner , eat it whilst watching Anime or modern family

1830 – Attempt revision, get sidetracked lots because of sheer boredom

2200 – Possibly some sort of house activity, or maybe i’ll still be revising

2300 – Depending on how much work ive done, Gaming or TV time!

0100 – Sleep

Repeat cycle every day until 25th Jun (and its been going like this for a good few weeks too)


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Not much to report about my personal life, however yesterday morning I went to answer the door (expecting a fan which i ordered from amazon) to find 2 female police officers wanting to speak to 2 of my housemates. They had gone out to clubs last night and usually get pretty drunk so naturally i assumed they robbed a shop or vandalized something or god knows what, went to get luke- and was surprised to see that he looked like he had just gone 5 minutes in a cage with kimbo slice and brock lesnar , bloodied and bruised and all that. Turns out they got assaulted buy a group of 3 on the walk home from the club and chased through backroads and all sorts of shit. The world is a fucking disgusting place sometimes, dont know what the fuck is wrong with people :/ At any rate though, they’re safe and alive which is what matters most i suppose. Its kind of been an eye opener that this shit isnt just stuff you hear on the news or through rumours, it actually happens to unlucky people. Guess its time to start working out a little just in case.

On a lighter note, we also had a BBQ for Ian’s 20th birthday yesterday, so there was lots of food and banter, eventually though the party settled down and they started watching family gay in the lounge, which i figured would be a good time to get the fuck out of there and do some revision / watch modern family.

Started watching modern family after simultaneous tweets from leetfella and cross saying how good it was, so figured i should give it a try. Turns out it is indeed a good show, a comedy sitcom but not a comedy which is too in your face (like friends or big bang theory with canned laughter) , they kind of point you in the right direction and let your own weird sense of humour do the rest. I put it on the harddrive in the lounge and recommended it to my housemates, they’ve watched some but i think only 1 or 2 (of 4) appreciated the well thought out humour. (i guess they do enjoy family guy so good TV is probably wasted on them)

The other day Ian got a card game delivered in the mail, its called ‘Munchkin’ and is a very VERY light take on Dungeons and dragons sorta thing, with an emphasis more on dicking each other over than… idk, whatever you do in DnD. The jist of it is you pick up a dungeon card – which represents you opening a door in a dungeon, there may be a monster or an item, if the monsters level is lower than your attack power (level+gear) then you kill it and gain a level – and take any treasure it was guarding. The aim of the game is to get to level 10 first. Cards which arent monsters consist of classes, races, equipable gear, 1 time buffs , or what are essentially ‘dick-on-people’ cards – which are like ‘+10 to monster strength’ and you can use it whilst other people are fighting a monster, meaning they have to either find a way to beat it, run, or die and lose their gear/cards.
Its a really fun game, and hilarious when people are unable to kill +10buffed ‘Lvl 1 Potted plants’ , on the other hand its always a frantic struggle to super-buff a monster that someone who is level 9 is fighting (as if they kill it, they win). We played for like 3 hours on the first night we got it and it was awesome fun.


Yummy food // SMG2

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Not a huge amount of happenings recently, the weather has been beautiful the past few days so we’ve mainly been exploiting that.

Had a nize BBQ at some point and then we spent most of yesterday just sitting around in a park and talking (one of the guys brought over shisha so we were doing that too)


Other than that, been spending all of my free time playing Mario Galaxy 2, which is easily as good as the reviews make it out to be. Pure mario action, and a few of the levels have some challenge in them too, I do wish the game was a little harder but.. it is mario after all. I really enjoy the metronone/beat style levels the best, where the wiimote basically taps a beat and at the end of each ‘frame’ (my musical knowledge is limited) something changes, maybe blocks switch, or gravity reverses or something, its a pretty neat feature. And alot of the levels have their own little unique gimmicks which give the levels their own distinct style. Flashback galaxy for example is completely pitch black and only illuminated by lightning striking periodically, thus you spend half the time unable to see platforms and the like and have to memorize where to go when the lightning illuminates the level. If you have a wii its a must (one of the few)

Transforming furniture range

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This stuff is pretty fuckin’ cool. Its one step away from secret laboratory style stuff (or like that scene in Mr and Mrs Smith where Jolie moves the oven to uncover a weapon stash)

anamaguchi (aka. Ear orgasm)

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If you can’t appreciate the awesome of these 2 chiptune tracks theres a fair chance you have terrible taste in music. You should probably stop reading my blog and go listen to usher or some other untalented RnB artist who relies on 4 seconds of ‘music’ on loop for an entire song.

Free download link for one of their albums is here , their other album ‘Dawn metropolis’ can be found in the usual dark corners of the web.

Now with 100% more mirror doodle

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Its sunny outside, but im stuck indoors having to revise :<
Mad depresso.

Also, bought some whiteboard pens today….


And now for a clever new method losing weight. Shame you have to be a white chick to use it.

Then again, if i was put on that method, id probably lose weight too @_@

City of God (2002)

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So the girls (well.. 2 of them anyway) came over last night to watch a film, one of them being a film student so we obviously HAD to watch something at least somewhat artsy…

So City of god is the story about some black people in Brazil who basically go around and be black. The whole film is more or less about getting laid, paid and shootin busta’s. It is divided into a few sub-stories, all linked together and in the same world, and all somewhat revolving around a guy called Rocket caught between an honest living, and the ghetto side of drugs, guns and bitches.

The film felt like it went on forever, it truly is an epic, spreading over a large time period and even multiple story arcs. I think the actual running time is just over 2 hours, but my god did it feel alot longer.
Its hard to compare or contrast it to anything else ive seen, but it did remind me somewhat of ‘Slumdog millionaire’ in the way that it tells a very long and dramatic story following a kids life all the way through til the end.

I rarely watch serious films like this, but it did have a good story (and one would really hope so considering the running time). The film is all in spoken portugese so expect to have to do some reading if you watch it, and there is a clear lack of brazillian “HUAEHUAEHAUEHAUEHAUE”s, but overall its a good film, just make sure you’re in the right mood for something serious and somewhat depressing.

5/7 Lil Ze’s


The men who stare at goats (2009)

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Just saw this film tonight on a whim (after an awesome day of paintballing i might add.)

It was.. very odd.
Im not entirely sure if it was supposed to be a comedy or what, but it I found it pretty funny.
The film is based on psy-ops and the users of said powers, supersoldiers (supposedly) [and not like the marathon/light/commando supersoldier type] , and…. okay tbh, im not even sure what the film was about, it was really weird. The humour in the film wasn’t really ‘in your face’, like a teen movie or something, but rather a subtle well thought out, well scripted wittiness – It was a nice change from the usual films we seem to watch in this house, although you may need an odd sense of humour to appreciate alot of it (if you don’t laugh at the ‘fork in the road’ bit, this film is a lost cause for you)

Worth a watch – 8/10
(unlike this stupid ‘gap yah’ thing that everyone has been going on about, I saw it for the first time earlier, it was fucking terrible and really unfunny. What the fuck is wrong with people nowadays.)

Starcraft 2 beta(aka. Zerg rush kekekeke HD)

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Its pretty good, and mostly faithful to the original.
The game is pretty different though, certain things have (supposedly) been balanced, a fair amount of new units, changes to old units, no selection cap (eg. guy in the screenshot who is controlling 100+ units at a time) and probably a ton of other stuff which i havent noticed because i didnt play the original much.

Ive been playing a little , but tbh… hasnt really been going my way.
I reckon partially because ive been playing people way better than me, and partially because im fucking terrible at RTS. I really wish i was better at them but i can never get my head around controlling stuff on multiple fronts.

The game does look really pretty though, It almost dont recognise the units because the original starcraft stuff was like… 10×10 sprites or something.


On an intresting note, when you beat the CPU it’ll say gg

Will be intresting to see if they make any major changes between now and the final release. Not that i’ll know since i probably wont buy it, infact this beta is pretty much the only time i’ll ever play an RTS online since i normally dont bother on account of my being terrible.

A random night

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So there i was, Playing the halo reach beta when I hear a knock at the window, followed by the door, followed by screaming in the corridor.
The neighbors were there (the good ones), “COME TO OUR FUCKING PARTY YOU PRICKS WE CAME TO YOURS” We were then practically kidnapped and forced to go to their houseparty, which pretty much ended up with our house in one corner laughing at everybody else.

Few cool things happened, there was free pringles and….

^A paddling pool filled with punch, it was alot more full before we got there. Apparently there was like 20L worth lemonade and various spirits and stuff in there at the start of the night.

Someone also decided to try and make a bonfire, with some wet logs, paper, cardboard and a lighter and aerosol can.


Needlesss to say, the fire almost made the can explode and the logs didnt catch fire at all, the paper and cardboard burned nicely though.

After the party they all went to Smack (nightclub), which we decided not to go to. Instead we decided to play in-the-dark swingball (for non-UK fags, its ‘tetherball’ but with a tennis ball and rackets) out in our garden, at which point we had a wave of innovation.


We cracked some glowsticks and put the luminous liquid onto the ball, there are unfortunately no pictures of it in action because it was pretty much pitch black outside, but it looked really awesome. Like a glowing planet orbiting or something as it got hit round the pole.

Iron Man 2 (2010)

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So, just came back from watching Iron Man 2, we actually got pretty fuckin terrible seats since we rolled in a little bit late (on a friday, at prime time) so we got lumped towards the front and to the side, which i HATE.

Nonetheless, I found the film to be really enjoyable, the film focuses more on the characters relationships with each other and shit than the first film (which consisted mainly of blowing shit up) but the film makes up for this with good amounts of comedy and corny one-liners (which may not be to everyones tastes). Thats not to say the film is short of explosions, theres some very impressive CGI and special effects at work throughout lots of the film and the climax is pretty damn awesome to watch. Film felt alot shorter than it actually was, which i suppose is a good thing? I think it is actually around 2 hours but it felt more like 1.5 – always better than a film which is 1.5hrs long but feels like it goes on forever. Oh. also, Samuel L jackson plays a black cyclops.

tldr; Good film. good special effects, lots of one liners, Sammy J, watch it.

6/6 Nick furys


Little to report.

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Little to report this week, its basically just been me trying desperately to stay awake in lectures and failing to do much revision.

We had 2 barbeques which was pretty nice, the weather has been pretty hit and miss, for example it rains and then an hour later its clear blue skies and sun.

We did SDS Electrophoresis this week for labs, which was boring as fuck but the results were kind of cool

Basically electricity runs through the board thing inside the box, and the samples (little blue squres at the top) seperate out into bands based on their molecular weight. Ends up looking like …


Pretty neat.


Gaming front : Just been playing Lost Saga, not much time for anything else. I have a real urge to play trauma centre right now though


Also, proof that leetfella is a scrub and just runs to his mommies (check the chat)



Anime front : Catching up on fairy tail and Durarara. ‘A Certain magical index’ really doesnt seem as intresting as ‘A Certain scientific railgun’, maybe i just need to give it more time.


Oh, one more thing. If you havent already, check out the front page to register your flag on the counter. I basically remade it since the only link which ever got clicked was ‘blog’ anyway and only a select few actually know the password to my file uploader (and the link to that is on the right of this page anyway..)