Action Henk (PC) Review

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Quickie Review time.

Action Henk is a speedrunner / time trial style game by RageSquid (who have yet to make anything of much note). The gameplay is about as simple as it gets – get to the end of the level as fast as possible.

To my surprise, the game doesn’t tend to play out like Meat Boy or even the Trials series, but more like a 16bit era Sonic the Hedgehog game. Levels are pretty short and sweet, but are filled with ramps, jumps and loops to throw yourself round. Key mechanics other than the basic jump is the ability to slide which will let you accelerate downhill or slide off slopes (including those above you), wall jumping, and on some levels a Hookshot which is very similar to the rope weapon found in Worms.

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So you run from left to right, cool. Anything else of note? Well… not really? you slide and jump around, and it’s sort of fun I guess, but that’s pretty much it. Unless you are really shooting for best times or competing against other people, there’s very little to hold your attention. To it’s credit the game does support steam workshop for custom levels (thank god) but i’m still not convinced the game does enough to warrant it’s price tag.

Graphics are clean and pretty easy to read, though there could definitely be more detail in the environment. The music wasn’t really my cup of tea either, especially as you’ll typically listen to the same track over and over for the entirety of a ‘world’ which consists of around 6 stages. I ended up listening to the Sonic Colours soundtrack after world 4 or so.

As mentioned previously, there are leaderboards and online races, as well as custom level support – so if you do get into the game (probably more likely if you are competitive and have a few friends) there is some fun to be had there.

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Action Henk is probably the best Sonic game i’ve played in years, however it’s lack of depth makes me reluctant to really recommend it to anyone but genre fans. It’s also surprisingly expensive for it’s content.

Approximate Game Length : Few hours
Actual Worth / Steam Price: £4 / £11 =
Should you play it :No

Rating: 3 / 5