RIP bank account

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Not even a week into March and i’ve already almost the whole of my paycheck, and then some.

Where did the money go?

Well, it may have been this delicious pile of german sausages


Or it may have been this car


I never really realised the hidden costs of purchasing a car, this thing was second hand and cost me five thousand something, and then the insurance was obscene on top of that (way way closer to a grand that I would have liked because I dont have no-claims bonus)
Then to top it off they don’t even give you the fucking thing with a full tank of petrol so that cost another £20 >_>

Foolishly I also decided to buy a handheld vacuum, some board games, and a speed rubix cube (which still hasn’t arrived yet).

So i guess you could say i’m basically broke AF right now. Time to sit indoors and play video games until payday.


As an aside, i’d like to mention that this has been an amazing weekend spent picking up new car, eating good food, playing shitloads of Factorio, and watching Netflix’s Chef’s Table series.


Life – February 2016

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Still alive!

My bad y’all, blog has been practically shelved since I started my ‘new life’ away from home.


Not a massive amount to report? My routine for the past month or so is working weekdays, coming home and watching some anime and maybe playing games for an hour or so, rinse repeat. And then on the friday after work I head over to the GF’s house to hang out, play games and watch TV. I’ve been starting to look into buying a car, i’m maybe looking at something small like a toyota aygo, hyundai i10, or kia picanto but i’ve not had much actual time to shop around.


I bought a bunch of small games at some point recently, as I still don’t actually have my proper gaming PC in this new house, so I’ve been limited to what my laptop will run. Half of them were ‘couple’ games in hope that I can slowly brainwash the gf with them and get her to play games with me – We already played through the brilliant Life is Strange and The Witness, both of which we really liked, though the endings of both were a little bit weak. This new batch included more active stuff – ibb & Obb, Never Alone, and Grim Fandango, the latter of which we ended up playing for a good few hours the other night, ol’ Manny Calavera is quite the charmer. I also bought Factorio today, and have been playing a bit of Danganronpa thanks to ol’ steam family sharing and a very generous friend. Oh, I’ve been playing Paint is back too, which is basically a PC version of Picross.

We’ve also been getting into board games a little bit as well, we’ve been playing card game Sushi Go! and co-op adventure Forbidden Island which are both pretty good, I ordered 2 more recently as well from america (because it was way cheaper to get it shipped across the ocean than to buy it here), these were Iota – similar to Gyul Hap from korean gameshow The Genius, where you need to play cards that confine to a particular ruleset that is already present, and the other one was some sort of tetris block style game versus game.


Man I really want to play rocksmith! I don’t know where this urge came from, but I’ve been so tempted on multiple occasions to just spent the £100 or whatever it would cost to just buy the game and an electric guitar to play it but I’m not sure I can justify the buy-in right now… Maybe when I move to a bigger place?

Recently i’ve also had weird urges to play chess? I have no idea why.
I also ordered a speed rubix cube after seeing it mentioned on a reddit thread of hobbies for under $50, I’ve never really known how to solve a rubix cube, but seeing people saying that beginners can solve them in 5 minutes, and eventually drop to times of under a minute… just sounds really badass and impressive, I want to be able to do that, I bet it’s already really fun when you get good at it.


Going strong? The work is varied and really challenging, and every day brings its own ridiculous cases and stories – especially for someone like me who is punching way above his weight in terms of knowledge. It’s kind of crazy change from my previous job where we would rarely be required to take action on anything without running it through someone higher up the command chain, or we could always call someone if we needed technical advice or assistance. Now however? There’s basically no escalation point, I am the final line of IT support, aside from escalating to suppliers, which is honestly kind of terrifying, but nothing at the same time, it means I can’t run away from anything, and have to eventually face it head on, which is great for learning.


I’ll try and update more often If anything interesting happens!
ps. Go play the Witness! it’s amazing!

Life – January 2016

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Bit of a whirlwind week for me, they say everything happens for a reason and perhaps my departure at FJ really was for the better.

I’ve moved to New Malden and am living with an old korean lady along with a few other people who i’ve honestly still not seen in a week of living there. The room itself is of reasonable size, but the desk is too small for my gaming PC and the room in general is in a range around that of which liquid mercury freezes, the bed is firm at least, and it’s only a 40 minute bus and walk to work.

The job is a second line IT support role, the team is super small and so, for better or worse i’m a key part of the machine here. We have a manager, 2 apprentices, a senior engineer who is leaving soon, and then me – So as you can imagine things get a bit nutty from time to time as I’m still fairly new to the remote support game.

The work itself is interesting though, and i’m learning way more about computers than I was at FJ – even if they aren’t going out of their way to train me, just being thrown in at the deep end and getting paid to resolve stuff is a great learning opportunity, even if it is stressful.


Out of the frying pan

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So, brief life update.

I went from unemployed and sort of enjoying life, doing a bit of studying to get some computer qualifications…

Then on monday I get a phonecall at 5:30pm, it’s an interview offer, okay, cool, “when can I come in? Uh, I guess i’m free whenever…”

1:45pm Tuesday, I am in their office having an interview

2:10pm Tuesday, I get offered a job.

I start on Monday.


Well. That escalated quickly.

The catch however? The office is around Chessington, approximately 2 hours 30 minutes commute away. Meaning that essentially, I have 5 days to find a place to live, and then likely in the next month or two, i’m going to need to buy a car as well.

Oh my god the stress.


It’s also weird, I’ve only been out of a job for less than a month at this point, and suddenly i’m employed again after one interview/phonecall, with a job which sounds fantastic (emphasis on sounds) and has great career progression and training and in the field I want to be in…
Yet I can’t seem to feel happy, perhaps the fake/dodgy job offers I’ve had in the past have made me incredibly skeptical but my brain just can’t process why this man would want to hire me so quickly, are they just super desperate? Is this all a scam? I’m so scared and confused, all I can really do is find a temporary place to live and hope for the best.

I am viewing some potential places to live on Saturday, in house shares (as that’s the cheapest option), so wish me luck.

Rest assured there will be blog posts when I move and start work.

Merry Christmas to all

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Jeez, that time of year again?

Got some nice things this year, parents got me a nice warm hoodie and the phone i’ve been using the last 4 months or so (Samsung Galaxy S6). Shirt from aunt, shirt and hat from little brother, and some tetris lights, guiness book of gaming records and… a jar of mustard? from the girlfriend.
Oh, I also got shovel knight from Sean, as well as downwell and Jackbox 2 from Henrik, the latter was particularly nice as it’s that time of year where we go visit family and friends.


Also got teased a bit by the national lottery, who sent me an email on the xmas eve morning like ‘YOU’VE WON… a lotto lucky dip’. Aww.


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Since MBA has been a thing, i created the file uploader and folder as a personal dumping ground for shit, sometimes if I can’t find my USB stick or if I need to store a program or file for use later, I just upload it and download it again later.
Something I didn’t think of however, are search engine spiders, which has recently managed to land me in some hot water.

I’m not entirely sure why, but for some reason, years ago I needed to move a document from X to Y for work so I threw it on my hoster, I actually even changed the file extension so it wouldn’t be obviously accessible. Then stupidly, I forgot to delete it – anyone who has looked in that folder knows there is literal years worth of garbage on there that has never been cleaned out.

Roll round to christmas this year, and apparently someone googled something that was in that document (a laptop serial number, why anyone would google this, is beyond me). Now heres the interesting part, a google bot analyzed this .txt file, realised that it’s actually an xls file, and then put the search results online.

For reference, this is what you would see if you opened the file up –

So yeah, escalated up the chain somehow, and now i’m in some shit for saying bad things about work.
Let that be a lesson to y’all. Internet and google are watching.

I’ve hopefully fixed the problem since, after reading up on robots.txt and how the google bots work, so at least I learned something valuable today.



This is where it gets more entertaining however.

They have obviously been collecting evidence against me, and all of the presented evidence so far is from my /uploads/ folder…
Aforementioned evidence has random number filenames generated by my phone, and yet they have been found and presented, which leads me to believe that some poor soul has manually trawled through at least a few years of content in that folder.

That folder is where jpgs go to die, and honestly I feel sort of sorry for anyone who would go through and actually look at everything uploaded in there, because there was definitely a phase where people would upload big black dicks with odd filenames and try to get people to click on it (thanks boyce).

So to end this post on a lighter note, heres a small selection of stuff that’s in the folder, and probably things that someone at HR got to enjoy while on the job.

I dont even know who uploaded a lot of this stuff. As an aside, i’m pretty sad I couldn’t find our minecraft rendition of the twin towers exploding, I’m sure it’s on there somewhere though.

Life: December 2015

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Only two weeks into December and jesus christ what a ride it’s been.

The first few days of the month I was still in Germany enjoying the beautiful christmas markets with the gf, since then it’s been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs.

Work had been hectic, with long shifts forced by all of the businesses trying to desperately get their shit fixed before Christmas, had to do some overtime to get stuff done, which absolutely sucked since we essentially don’t get overtime.

Had some days off somewhere inbetween, and went to see Winter Wonderland in hyde park, which seems awfully big this year round, though at the same time it looks much more…commercialized? generic? I’m not sure how to describe it, but it just kind of screams ‘give us your money’ rather than ‘festive cheer’

This was shortly followed by a few days meeting gf’s friends and hilariously large extended family, we ventured into the middle of nowhere in kent (around canterbury maybe?), to a family house with like 2 kitchens, 2 lounges, and a small hall for a dining room – where approximately 30 people would sit for lunch, followed by 5 desserts, shortly followed by tea consisting of 4 or 5 different birthday cakes and crackers and cheese. yikes.

Then more recently (read: yesterday) I got into trouble at work for some files I uploaded years ago and forgot about, more on that later.
hopefully I don’t get sacked, as that’ll put quite the damper on Christmas and wouldn’t be particularly festive on my companies part, but they probably hate me anyway so who knows. I don’t really know what an anxiety attack feels like, but I can’t be too far off right now.

The rest of the month will likely be something along the lines of: Party at friend’s place, then dinner at dad’s side of family for boxing day, followed by dinner at mom’s side of family for Christmas day.

A day in pictures – Hyper Japan Christmas 2015

Checked out the Hyper Japan Christmas Market this year at Tobacco Dock in London, the venue was pretty nice and split onto two floors, though I have to say the whole ordeal wasn’t as christmassy as I would have liked. Aside from looking around the shops we went to see the live performances by Wingworks and the incredible LadyBaby – who rocked the crowd despite being down 1/3 of the group and only having 4 songs, we managed to get front row despite being late, which was pretty sweet.

Life – October 2015

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Ah, it’s been a fairly uneventful month?


I got a new phone! There wasn’t actually a massive amount wrong with my previous phone (the HTC One) but in particular the back facing camera was just fucked and introduced a horrific purple haze to every picture that wasn’t taken outside in bright light (which, being a shut in and general boring person, means that 90% of my photos had this purple effect).
I ended up getting a Samsung Galaxy S6 for £20, plus the £20 to unlock it and some extra for phone accessories, it’s really sleek and has one of those fancy fingerprint sensors for unlocking, I like it a lot. and the camera on it is absolutely beast, it even shoots video in 4k or something retarded.


Not been playing too much new stuff recently, all my friends have been running silent hill games but I havent been able to participate due to work and having a normal sleep pattern, which is pretty upsetting. Instead i’ve been enjoying a good amount of Beatmania on my controller – I’m now 8th Dan!
Other than that I’ve been playing in the Tree of Savior closed beta, which is essentially the spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online – loving that so far, though the server stability could be better
Finally I got addicted to a new phone game called Seven Knights, it’s one of those stupid korean character collector dungeon games, i’m not sure why it’s so addictive but goddamn it is.


Finally (?) I booked a holiday to Munich for the very end of November, the day after hyper japan london i’ll be heading over to Germany for 4 nights to see legitimate bavarian christmas markets and eat sausage and pretzels, I guess i’ll have to try some beer too. Against my better judgement i’ve decided to go with the girlfriend, essentially staying with her for a 5 or 6 whole days, so lets hope that doesn’t end in tears – I already imagine it’s either going to make or break us as I personally wouldn’t want to spend that long with me.

The Tinder Chronicles Vol.1

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It’s easy to laugh at people that are on Tinder, most people don’t take it seriously, and just use it for booty calls or to troll people but to my surprise, there’s definitely a subset of people that do take it seriously and genuinely want to meet new people.

I guess im a convert, having seen the light, I met more girls in the last year alone than the past 5 years combined thanks to Tinder. It’s easy enough to use as well assuming you aren’t bothered with instant results – I only really used to do the whole swiping thing while I was on the toilet.

(Yes, i’ve got nothing to blog lately)

Here’s a selection of some of the more interesting matches


The first girl I had proper conversations with, a British born Chinese working at a big finance company in central London, she also ran a food blog where she takes lots of pictures of really fuckin’ expensive looking food – Personally anything over £20 is expensive in my eyes but her blog suggests up to £40 per person is an average amount sooo…

Anyway, she didn’t really seem that into me, it was always me sending the messages and her just replying, eventually after like months of on and off texting we finally end up going out to an expensive steak place around covent garden, she wanted to choose of course.

I guess you could say it fell apart there, we had a nice meal and good chat, followed by a walk around to get dessert, however it never really felt like there was much chemistry – Food was literally the only thing she seemed to be in to, which you would think would be no issue for me, because I love me some food as well but… yeah… Turns out one shared interest isn’t really enough.

She was also nothing like how I expected her to look. In my head I sort of pictured an adorable small asian girl, but the reality was probably more the opposite, but of course once you’re that far you sort of have to commit to the rest of the date.

Dropped her off at the station, never saw her again, never texted her again, and the feeling was clearly mutual because she didn’t try to text me either.


It’s rare to find a girl that is properly into video games, so imagine my surprise when I match with a girl, ask what she’s up to and she replies with ‘playing Payday 2’ – like that’s not Animal crossing or some shit, payday is a game where you put a mask on and shoot people in the mouth. I was intrigued.

If im honest I didn’t actually think she looked that attractive in her pictures, looking a bit of a boyish face and a bad hair style. it probably should have told me straight away to just ‘leave it yeah’ but i persued anyway for whatever reason.

We had a lot in common, but never ended up actually going out, eventually one day she just told me that she needed time to focus on her art and that was pretty much the end of it.


Whom I guess is classified as current girlfriend, didn’t really have much expectations for this match if I’m being honest, kind of burned by just chatting for ages so thought i’d just invite her out after 3 days of texting, for comparison . Didn’t actually know much about her at all other than that she had been to Japan recently, similarly I had more or less only just gotten back from Korea myself.

Went out for lobster, which turned out to be a hilariously bad idea as she didn’t know how to eat lobster, then she suggested we go to a pub afterwards, which is obviously fantastic for me because i’m asian and can handle my alcohol REALLY REALLY WELL. Unlike the other date with Steph we ended up sticking around and just chatting and walking until the sun had long gone down.

She ended up inviting me to hyper japan afterwards, and the next thing I know, we’re at 3 months.


What’s the opposite of getting swole anyway?

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So uh, I quit the gym.

I lasted around 9 months, and I mean, I kind of expected it to go exactly the way it did.

Month 1 I was literally commited to going every other day, I had a training regime and everything, to the point where rest days and not overworking your muscles actually becomes relevant.
Fast forward a few months and the gym sessions started to become shorter and less frequent..
and then finally a few more months and i’m struggling to pick up the motivation to go once a week.

I’m not sure if it’s the lack of progress I made, or that I wasn’t working hard enough to see any progress or what, but it’s pretty demotivating going to a gym on the regular and just not seeing any changes – both in terms of muscle or stamina.

I can honestly say that almost a whole year of going and I barely feel any different, or look different. I’ve managed to lose approximately 160 pounds – yet my weight is exactly the same because I was talking about currency.

So uh, yeah. Guess i’m back to kettlebell, body weight exercises and just general dieting for all my weight loss needs.
if anyone is interested, i quite like this Darebee’s free visual workouts –

Bonus Rant:

My gym was filled with so many awful types of people too:
– Indian people who would sweat and fucking STINK. like holy shit how do you smell so bad.
– Obese women (particularly blacks?) who wear really skin tight clothes and then have those horrific sweat lines around their butt and back
– People in general who wear sweaters / hoodies while working out. I’m so confused, why would you do this to yourself?
– huge hairy sweaty europeans who leave massive sweat patches on the weight machines, they stink too.
– Why does nobody put their free weights back? I already know the answer to this question, it’s because 90% of people that do heavy workouts in the free weights section are pure meatheads

For the record, if you take your big stupid Beats™ headphones to the gym with you, you are part of the problem.

Oh yeah, shoutouts to my favourite people whom ive never even talked to – the poser brothers, who literally stand around and take turns doing exercises before pulling up their vest and staring at their chest/abs while posing. It is genuinely one of the most entertaining things ive ever seen, just because I was struggling to process the fact that people like that actually exist, even the brofessor is a fictional satirical character but these guys were like the embodiment of it.



The woman in black

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Was invited to go and watch the Woman In Black, a west end theatre show (which has apparently been running since 1989).

The advertisements and reviews all cite it as being terrifying, something which I just couldn’t really fathom – how could a theatrical performance be truly scary? I was pretty skeptical, but the tickets were around half price so I was coaxed into going, despite not really being all that interested.

The show was playing at london’s Fortune theatre, we actually bought the cheaper tickets and were due to sit up in the upper circle, however upon going to collect our tickets we found we had been upgraded to the stalls, and 4 rows from the front too! The fortune theatre, as it turns out, is absolutely tiny, with only 11 rows of seating in the stalls, and the entire width of seats probably significantly smaller than your local cinema. I was initially worried because I had forgotten to bring my glasses, my experience with the book of mormon had me thinking that i’d barely be able to see anything, but our upgraded seats were fantastic, and the place was so intimate anyway that even at the back I would have been fine.

The show itself was a bizarre story of two men performing a play of a memory, resulting in a somewhat odd 4th-wall-breaking-but-not-really kind of show. What was particularly neat was that almost the entire show was just done by these two men, with one acting as protagonist and the other acting as every other character and narrator as well.

It was a pretty barebones show, I’ve not been to the theatre for anything other than musicals, but this was a pretty true to it’s name drama play – and possibly too layered for me to really appreciate. I found it a little on the dull side, and the scares were pretty much all jump scares caused by loud noises in the dark, credit where it’s due however, the acting and performance were fantastic.

I think i’ll stick to musicals in future, but for £15 it was a pretty good experience, especially if you consider just the other week I spent around £11.50 on a normal cinema ticket.

Life – August 2015

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Mmmm… Work this month has been pretty tough, with my days off being spaced rather awfully, and resulting in me having to work 7 or 8 days in a row each time.

Outside of work hours, I’ve been up to a few bits and pieces, not all of it productive of course…


Job Hunt

– have been interviewing for a desktop support / engineering position at Ocado, while the money seems good, if I do actually get the job it will be quite the radical lifestyle change for me, and that’s something that kind of terrifies me. I’d be going from an easy job doing 7 hours a day (including commute time) to a rather gruelling 14 hour work day (including 1hr commute each way), but i’d at least be getting a solid rota in 4 days on, 4 days off style. The more worrying bit however is that the position is in Hatfield, which means i’d maybe have to move house, and at the very least it would require buying a car to be able to commute. If it all works out, it’d be fine, and probably a good opportunity to jump into the next chapter of my life, but god the idea of it is scary.


– Have been finishing up The Genius season 2 with my brother, only the finale to go now, such a crazy show; and speaking of crazy shows, I also got into Rick and Morty, the pilot episode was kind of weak, but giving it a few more episodes it very quickly managed to work it’s charm on me, the episodes and jokes are super hit and miss but the hits are golden and the emphasis on sci fi is pretty interesting and refreshing too. I ended up zerging through the first season pretty rapidly, and am almost up to current. I tried watching a bit of Steven universe as well but god that show was lame as fuck from the one episode I watched, I’m not sure I want to put myself through any more of that – Like I wasn’t particularly sold on the pilot of rick and morty as well but at least it was interesting, steven universe on the other hand was genuinely in the realm of awful imo.

Video Games –

– Ended up being tempted to try Final Fantasy 14 as some friends were starting it up, I really wanted to like it but the combat system seemed pretty dull, and looking ahead in the skill trees and such, didn’t look like it was going to get any better. From what I could see there didn’t appear to be any skill specialization or way to customize your character at all : can’t spec into certain type of skill, no traits or talents, no perk system, etc etc. Ended up dropping it after a few days, before I even hit the level cap of the game trial.

– Spurred on now by a weird urge to play something vaguely MMO like (Tree of Savior and Maplestory 2 can’t come out soon enough), I thought now would be a good opportunity to give EVE Online a try, I bought a starter pack back in 2013 and so dug out the key and downloaded the tiny client. While the game seemed neat and pretty interesting on a meta level, it (like FF14) didn’t seem to actually be much fun, more of a slow grind. After completing the tutorial it was hard to grasp exactly what I was supposed to be doing, I could make money, I could go on missions and destroy stuff… but what good would it do? Why would I want to farm this digital currency, or spend upwards of 5-10 minutes having a very dull space shootout. I don’t think i’ll be going back, there is an interesting game buried in there somewhere for sure, but short of farming up money for weeks to be able to afford a PVP ship and piss off other users, i’m not sure where the enjoyment is to be found.

– Which lead me to trying to find something long and vaguely addictive to burn some time on, which as it turns out, is ARPG’s, I played through the entirety of Van Helsing II, it turned out to be pretty damn fun, though not quite fun enough for me to run through it a second time on veteran mode, so after clearing that I thought i’d turn to Torchlight 2, which I started playing back in 2013 but never really got very far in.

Other Stuff –

– Weird feeling in my right arm/shoulder, feels like my arm isn’t in the socket properly, I used to be able to click my shoulders by raising my arms in a certain way but it doesn’t do it any more, it also feels like I can’t get much power into my arm, not really sure how to resolve it though.

Deathtrap on wheels

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So the past 2 or 3 weeks i’ve been driving my company van for work as usual, however sometimes when braking while going slowly, there was a weird crunching/grinding noise coming from the front right wheel – almost as if a pebble had been caught in there or something. I honestly didnt think it was a massive deal, the car still worked fine, and the brakes worked at high speeds…

Yesterday I thought i’d call to get it booked in to be checked, however they said they couldn’t service it until 3 weeks time because they are fulled booked – the van leasing company suggested getting it checked via the RAC to make sure it was safe to drive.

So i’m pretty 50/50 on whether or not to call the RAC, mostly because I can’t be bothered to deal with the potential hire car if it comes to it (my past 2 hire vehicles have resulted in a crash and a parking fine respectively).

So I take the plunge and call the RAC out. A bloke turns up and starts to get the tire off, before he goes to take the tire off fully, he slaps it – a loud noise like grinding gears screeches out of the wheel. “by the looks of it, it’s already gone metal to metal”


So uh, apparently i’ve been driving around with no brake pads for the last few weeks. whoops.

“Your tires are also illegal”


I’ve also apparently been driving around with 2 illegal front tires, which could have landed me 6 penalty points. – As a side note, it turns out there are nails in my back 2 tires as well, meaning all 4 of my tires were basically fucked.

The RAC guy helped me get the car to the dealership where it would wait for repairs, and then it was a few hours sitting around waiting for a rental car.

An overly honest european guy eventually shows up with my replacement for the meantime, a Vauxhall Mokka, he hands me the keys and attempts to explain the procedure – I say attempts to because and I quote (and read this in a russian accent) “someone will come 2 days, if you are not in…. uh… I dont know. Maybe you call company.”

The vehicle itself is brand new, with only 400 miles on the clock, and that’s more or less where the story ends. 1 Day down and I haven’t crashed the thing yet, so theres that at least. I almost got fined for not paying the congestion charge manually though, I had to call up the company to ask :|

It also has WAY too many buttons and dials, it took me a good while to work out how to turn the headlights on.


Hyper Japan 2015 at the O2

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Got invited to go to Hyper Japan and had the day off, so went for it. My first time, was pretty interesting, with a small gaming area along with an assortment of foods and trinkets for sale, definitely looked like there was more variety of stuff to buy if you are a girl though, tons of frilly dresses and accessories and shit which I personally don’t have a whole lot of use for.

Games section was pretty crowded so I didn’t really play much, similarly the only thing I ate was some shaved ice and a fake okonomiyaki pancake thing, I say fake because it was nowhere near as good as the real thing – also it had cheese on it? I don’t remember cheese in okonomiyaki… not sure if it was a regional variant or just an excuse to give it cohesion because it wasn’t fried very well.

We checked out a few of the live performances, sadly no yun*chi this year, but we saw a bit of ‘Vaniru’ – some sort of goth rock group, who were terrible if i’m being honest. We also saw, whom I wasn’t really familiar with, yet at the same time felt like I had seen their name before at least (turns out it’s because they did the OP for the recent Punch Line anime), wasn’t familiar with any of the songs, but a hilariously hardcore glowstick filled crowd coupled with the group itself being very entertaining (ribbon streamers and summer towel waving galore) meant their performance was hard to dislike.

Life – July 2015

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Pretty alright month or so, my 17 Day holiday kind of took forever to edit the pictures for, but finally finished with all of that, I forgot how much I enjoy using my camera, as well as how hard it can sometimes be to get good shots. Nothing is more frustrating than taking a bunch of pictures and coming back to find out that they are blurred. I feel I may have become a better photographer as a result though (be wary of shooting at 1/30).

Slogging away at work again, I lost a little bit of the drive I had before to break away, we’re getting a small pay rise of like £400 next month but it’s still really not enough. I really need to get out there and get some extra qualifications but it’s just a matter of getting off my ass and doing it, hard when a lot of our shifts recently have been 10 hour ones due to it being really busy in London.

In happier news, I can finally tick off something from my new years goals list, as I guess i’m going out with a girl now? (I’ve always never been too sure at what point it turns from casual dating into ‘relationship’) Had a nice few days out, went for lobster, went to an aquarium, and we’re gonna go to hyper japan on the sunday (of which, is my first, so expect a blog post i guess). We seem to get along pretty well, she’s a bit of an oddball, but then i’m hardly normal myself.

For games, I really havent played much at all since i’ve come back, yikes. I’m not quite convinced it’s that the addiction has left me, more rather that there is nothing much to play right now. I bought infinifactory the other week which is pretty fun (3d spacechem, essentially), but oh my god i’m so bad at it and it requires so much thinking – clearly a genre geared towards people with engineering degrees or something. Been getting back into LoL a little bit, though as mentioned I never seem to have time to commit to a full game.

Anime… uh.. still actually mopping up some of last seasons shows. I’ve had a look at some of this seasons shows but what i’ve seen so far is pretty grim, with only one or two being shows that I might follow (I say that now, watch as it turns into 15 as usual).

Life – May 2015

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Pretty stressful/depressing month and a half, almost half way through the year already and I feel i’ve hardly accomplished anything. Feels like i’ve just fallen into a slump – not making much progress at the gym, haven’t studied japanese in a ages, no real progress while looking for work..

I did have a few interviews with some good looking companies, but failed at interview stage, the last of which declined me on the basis of ‘I didn’t seem that interested in IT’ – which is truly a bizarre and alien concept to me.

Really not much else to document, my brother came back home from his first year of university yesterday – crazy to see what a whole year has flown by, even if my own university years similarly flew.

As far as video games go, have just been cleaning up some old games I never got round to playing, and as you can probably tell, gave some indie games a try as well, majority of which were awful, i’ve also gotten addicted to Clicker Heroes, which is basically cookie clicker but with more RPG elements and deeper upgrade/rebirth paths – give it a try if you enjoy these sort of idle/afk games.
I had to stay away from online gaming for a while because for whatever reason, my internet was being janky and laggy, just the other day I ended up dropping £55 on a new router and putting my virgin media superhub into modem mode, which seems to have resolved the issue somehow, im still not sure if it was just a signal strength issue or something else, but it was awfully bizarre – showing 30 ping but then spiking and rubberbanding constantly.

On a lighter note, Holiday in literally one week, and I can’t wait! One whole week in Hong Kong, followed by a week in South Korea! I got a new SD card for my birthday too, so expect a shitload of pictures.

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