v5 is in the pipeline

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Approximately 1 year since V4, and i’ll be honest, im not really digging the green as much anymore.

Minor also, but i generally tend to not ever update until I switch versions, because I am terrified of everything breaking, so im about 20 versions behind whatever is the current version of wordpress.

Aims/Goals for V5 Site redesign
– allow more horizontal space in post body for photography
– Widen the website design in general, current website is designed with a width of 1040px, the current average resolution has increased to 1366×768 (even though it’s very likely that my average viewer is using something much higher given the content is primarily aimed at gamers)
– return to my ‘roots’ with a blue theme
– establish a more professional, grown up look
– try to make a logo

So far it’s looking like grey, blue, lightblue but we will see. I’ve never really been a massive fan of websites that are too white, purely on the basis that they hurt to look at for too long. If anyone has any good wordpress themes they think I might be interested in, do link.

Hopefully I can get it all done and ready before I go on my next bizarre adventure to thailand at the end of June.

Facey B

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Thought i’d see what happens if I put a facebook page for the website up.
If enough people actually get on it I may end up using it to announce content updates like I currently do with twitter (but not everyone has twitter, and most people have facebook so…)

So yeah, if you are a reader, it’d be nice if you could like the page, it doesn’t even appear on your profile anymore (unlike back in the past where it was like “Meng liked ‘BIG DICKS IN MY ASS’!”)
The like button is over there on the right —>
Or you can access it directly via – http://www.facebook.com/MengsBizarreAdventure
Thanks etc.

it’ll probably get me ranked higher in search engines and then i’ll be able to give out more WOM’s (Wrong opinions per minute).

Meng’s Bizarre Adventure Version 4

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We’re almost there, I spent around 3 hours this morning fucking about with CSS and photoshop to get stuff to look less ass.
I still need to mess around with the sidebar, change more shit in CSS, create pages and some other stuff.
Green is the new blue, deal with it. (I cant actually remember now, but i think v1 was green, I guess we’ll call this a RETURN TO ITS ROOTS, REBOOT OF A LEGENDARY FRANCHISE or something)

Other improvements:
– Variable page size
– All pointless tags/categories have been cleared out
– Captcha on comments form should HOPEFULLY get spambots to fuck off
– Permalinks are now on the actual domain i’ve paid money for
– No more /blog/ or redirect homepage