A day in pictures – Hyper Japan Christmas 2015

Checked out the Hyper Japan Christmas Market this year at Tobacco Dock in London, the venue was pretty nice and split onto two floors, though I have to say the whole ordeal wasn’t as christmassy as I would have liked. Aside from looking around the shops we went to see the live performances by Wingworks and the incredible LadyBaby – who rocked the crowd despite being down 1/3 of the group and only having 4 songs, we managed to get front row despite being late, which was pretty sweet.

A day in pictures – Cardiff Bay

For my second night in cardiff I thought I would explore the Bay area near my hotel, I was staying at the Red Dragon Centre so it was pretty good location wise, with maybe a 10 minute walk down to the bay area and millenium centre. It was raining unfortunately which kind of put a damper on things but It was still nice to walk about.

20140403-IMG_0494 20140403-IMG_0526 20140403-IMG_0521 20140403-IMG_0517 20140403-IMG_0515 20140403-IMG_0512 20140403-IMG_0510 20140403-IMG_0522

A day in pictures – Cardiff

My first evening after work in Cardiff I literally walked straight from the office into the city centre and just randomly walked about and explored the place. Very nice city, and very spacious considering it’s the capital of Wales. It was filled with lots of little alleys with smaller shops down the sides, yet had plenty of upscale shopping and mall complexes mixed in. Oh also a random castle in the middle of the city.
20140402-IMG_0450 20140402-IMG_0452 20140402-IMG_0454 20140402-IMG_0458 20140402-IMG_0461 20140402-IMG_0463 20140402-IMG_0464 20140402-IMG_0465 20140402-IMG_0466 20140402-IMG_0475 20140402-IMG_0478 20140402-IMG_0480 20140402-IMG_0483 20140402-IMG_0484 20140402-IMG_0492

Wraysbury Reservoir

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Was sort of nearby to my hotel in Heathrow, I wanted to take a walk closer to the airport runways on Wednesday, but started feeling very ill and instead wound up in bed for that evening which is a shame.

This one was taken using the HDR mode on my camera and hasn't been post edited at all. Came out pretty good, i'll definitely consider using it again considering proper HDR photography needs a good tripod
This one was taken using the HDR mode on my camera and hasn’t been post edited at all. Came out pretty good I think, i’ll definitely consider using it again considering proper HDR photography needs a good tripod

20140318-IMG_0373 20140318-IMG_0375

Hainault Forest

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Got bored and took a stroll around the my local forest, really muddy, and the main path into the forest was fenced off, but did that stop me? hells no.

20140306-IMG_0317 20140306-IMG_0331 20140306-IMG_0335 20140306-IMG_0339 20140306-IMG_0346 20140306-IMG_0347

Also, this one from the other day when the sky was looking crazy.


Southend on sea

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Was scheduled to do a store in southend today, went there and apparently the work had already been done, So instead I walked around the beach for an hour or so. Not a bad day of work?

20140207-IMG_0268 20140207-IMG_0273 20140207-IMG_0278 20140207-IMG_0282 20140207-IMG_0283 20140207-IMG_0288 20140207-IMG_0296 20140207-IMG_0299 20140207-IMG_0301 20140207-IMG_0302

Life – January 2014

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So after a nice relaxing christmas holiday with lots of time off, i’m back in the saddle travelling around the country for work. Have clocked up about 800 miles over the last two weeks if thats any indication, and then this Sunday im off once again to Leicester for a week, and then back to Manchester (stockport) for a week after that.

My Samsung Galaxy S2 had been playing up for quite a while and it was getting to the point where almost everything I wanted to do,  it wouldnt. Some examples of things that were wrong..
– The GPS stopped working
– The volume would randomly start go to minimum (very VERY annoying for using it as a walkman)
– Signal would occasionally be at 0, would have to restart to regain signal
– Battery would occasionally display 40%… then shut off and when I reboot it would say 2% remaining.
– constant ‘Phone is running out of internal storage’, taken up by files I am unable to find or delete, no solution aside from wiping the phone, but it would be back within a month…
– Microphone wouldnt work properly in speaker mode
– Would randomly boot up the android siri thing while im trying to use it for other things..

Honestly that shit was just a mess, but It lasted me a good few years so I guess I can’t complain too much. I just wish I knew why it was going haywire.

The result then…

20140124-IMG_0223is a sexy new phone!

It’s very weird using a phone without that extra ‘menu’ button, and im actually not too keen on the placement of the lock button, but other than that, very very nice phone. But then I suppose you would hope so for the money, which we wont get into.


Really havent been doing a whole lot of gaming recently, I played some of Valdis Story the other day while I was stuck in the hotel, and that game seems really good aside from a few design niggles which i’ll probably go into when I eventually review the game.

I’m also still addicted to Puzzle and Dragons on android, and after stoning my way through the Friday dungeon, finally managed to evolve and then ultimate evolve my Bastet at last, yay!
Now I just need to finish off my team with.. a bunch of other incredibly rare droprate healer monsters :X I’m still stuck on Satan, not sure how I’m supposed to deal with 66666 damage every 6 turns.

Loadout came out yesterday, which I will be having a go at shortly, but that game looks really fun. Just in time too, as there aren’t a whole lot of games that have come out recently which I am interested in. I want to play Octodad but honestly £10 for what I hear is an hours worth of gameplay is a little bit steep.


I took my camera to Manchester with me thinking it might cure some boredom, on Day 2 I went to the Trafford Centre which turns out is this gigantic shopping centre, tons of shops and then a gigantic food court and tons of themed restaurants above. It really reminded me of the shopping malls in Malaysia or Singapore and is honestly probably the best mall ive seen in the UK so far.


20140129-IMG_023520140129-IMG_0244 20140129-IMG_0247 20140129-IMG_0248 20140129-IMG_0249 20140129-IMG_0251 20140129-IMG_0252

Oh. And I took this from a services on the M1

20140131-IMG_0260much art.


My new year’s resolution is 5184×3456

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Oh. I can’t believe I forgot to mention what I got for Christmas this year.Only 2 presents to open on christmas day, as we opened our secret santa presents a week or two before xmas, I got a small tripod and a thermos flask from my friends. My brother got me a headset (because 2 wasn’t enough apparently, it’ll be useful to take to hotels and stuff though as I dont really want to take my expensive set in my travel luggage.
From my parents I got a beautiful Canon 100D DSLR camera!

IMG_0144I haven’t really taken it out much yet, but playing with it around the house is kind of fun. Enjoy some really stupid, but incredibly hi def photos from around my house.
Today was spent playing around with aperture settings.

I feel like this picture tells a story…
Diva Miku meets her match..
“No the chain is there for fashion. No, really.”
Look better than they taste
Part of the wall of fridge magnets