Life – July 2016

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Yet another month flown by, Though I suppose this one has been a particularly eventful one. Work: A few weeks ago I had to leave my job, the reasons were complicated but the tldr is that the job I applied … Continued

Beckonscot Model Village

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Went over to Beckonscot Model village yesterday, my first time there so didn’t know what to expect. It was kind of neat I guess, though I was a little miffed at it’s 4.5 tripadvisor rating. The entire area was significantly … Continued

Pokemon Go

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So i’m incredibly torn on Pokemon GO right now, On one hand, it’s great to see impromptu gaming communities appearing out on the streets all of a sudden, you can walk around town and practically point out people who are … Continued

Life – June 2016

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Oh my god where did June disappear to? I can’t really think of anything particularly eventful that happened this month. At work they have made the decision to get us to start working from home, so the office is currently … Continued

Spain 2016 – Day 7

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The morning of our final day in Spain, we were bright and awake at 6:20am. Determined to finally get out and see this sunrise we had planned at the start of the week. Sat on the beach for 20 minutes … Continued

Spain 2016 – Day 4 – Beach

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Really really nothing much happened today.  We woke up late,  went into reception to check excursions and booked a trip to Gibraltar for Wednesday and then headed into Fuengirola for some small bits and pieces. Lunch at semi-fancy Italian place … Continued

New Forest

Spent majority of the weekend down near southhampton in New Forest national park. Only last week at the aforementioned strange BBQ, was invited to go camping with some folk down at new forest, didn’t have anything already pencilled in, so … Continued

Life – April 2016

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So my contract with the last landlord ran out, so I had to relocate, i’ve moved to Tolworth – near Kingston, and only really like 10 minutes down the road from New Malden where I was living before. The new … Continued

Life – March 2016

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Legitimately feels like I slept a couple of times and a month just passed me by. I’m now almost at the end of 3 months at my new job, and by extension, my new life. Past month or so has … Continued

RIP bank account

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Not even a week into March and i’ve already almost the whole of my paycheck, and then some. Where did the money go? Well, it may have been this delicious pile of german sausages Or it may have been this … Continued

Life – February 2016

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Still alive! My bad y’all, blog has been practically shelved since I started my ‘new life’ away from home. Life: Not a massive amount to report? My routine for the past month or so is working weekdays, coming home and … Continued

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