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UCAS application , all universities i will be applying for Biomedical Science …1. Warwick2. UCL (University College London)3. Surrey4. Queen Mary (London)5. Reading In other news , my headset and sound card arrived today. I personally didn’t see a huge … Continued

The Sound of Music…

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So i was playing TF2 with the scummbois earlier and my microphone started hardcore messing my headset had always been somewhat of a bitch , right from the beginning, along with my onboard sound they formed a pact to … Continued


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I feel really guilty about not making many blog posts lately , but at the same time i don’t really fancy posting lots of crappity crap. As such , i suppose ill make an actual ‘blog’ post This week has … Continued

Wanna have a baby?

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So i was at work today…. [yeah , you guessed it.]Me – unaware of whats going on.Girl : honey? sweetie? gorgeous? handsome?Me – *turns around by coincidence and takes drinks orders etc*Girl : Oh wow , you’re cute. Single?Me : … Continued

Beastliest game ever.

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Touhou project 8 – impreishable Nightget it and feel like a man.(id like to add that i actually  dodged all of that in the first picture and then proceeded to beat that boss.)ps. Both pictures are taken on NORMAL mode. … Continued

Wtf? Hitman had an alternate ending?

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So after playing some Kane & Lynch – which has more swearing than gears of war i might add – i felt like the game seemed awfully familiar , especially the 4th level in which you walk through a nightclub, … Continued

Games to movies

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So a few games are being adapted to movies , we all knon that hitman was being adapted into a movie , and frankly. it looked really shit. The movie producers seemt o be giving it another go and are … Continued

Oh god. More games.

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So i woke up this morning and went to BC as i normally do. – Need for speed prostreet– Sim City Societies– Blacksite Area 51 released , whats with all the game releases this month?! I havent even started downloading … Continued

Stuff Stuff Stuff

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1.The Comments have now been fixed , i never really messed around with the settings before but have done so now. It was previously set to only registered users can comment , now it is set to allow anybody to … Continued

Best video option evar?

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So ive been playing some viva pinata lately (4 hours out of the 6 that ive been awake) and amongst the regular graphics options – Textures , models , grass etc… I found the most awesome setting ever. Fur. Above … Continued

What the hell?!

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I had absoloutely no idea this was coming out for PC.This is awesome :D Ps. Had a nightmare last night.Nuff said.

Rule 228 of the Highway Code

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(here we go again.) Rule 228.Icy And Snowy Weather. In winter check the local weather forecast for warnings of icy or snowy weather. DO NOT drive in these conditions unless your journey is essential , if it is , take … Continued

ho ho ho , early christmas

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Gears of war and Call of Duty 4 released on scene today , wootwoot. Only problem is gears is 7.5gb and CoD4 is 6.3gb so its gonna take a hell of a long time to download, but at least i … Continued

Silent PC extremists

posted in: rant | 1 Hard drives arent always the most silent things , vibrations in the drive then go into the case and vibrate the case causing noise. of course those psychopaths over at silent PC review found a way to counteract this. … Continued

DS emulation is go!

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An emulator called ‘no$gba’ has finally got to the stage where it actually works very decently. Runs phoenix wright games at full speed and pokemon , zelda etc so i hear. Tested it personally with a few games and it … Continued


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Now some of you on my MSN messenger list may recall that at one point my submessage was something to the effect of ‘New theory of hell : Being a waiter for >30 black people’Well tonight that hell became a … Continued

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