Florida Day 21 : DisneyQuest + Cirque Du Soleil + Farewell

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Day 21 : DisneyQuest + Cirque Du Soleil + Farewell

Now seeking : Psychiatrist , to remove ‘her’ from my head , she is invading my dreams again, even after all this time. . .
Now. Enough of that.

Today we went to DisneyQuest , which is a largish ‘interactive indoor play area’ – or something like that.
The building is split into 2 categories , rides or activities and games. Rides include stuff like virtual reality games or simulators , and activities are 
stuff like learning to draw disney characters or recording your own music.  The games section is basically all manner of arcade video games set to 
free credits so you can play all you like , unfortunately most of those games are suck – There are retro stuff like asteroids , racing games , a few 
shooting and fighting games and then some dance machines (although ALL pump machines , no DDR – what the heck?)
So we spent most of our day here , playing about and doing whatever [completed that game where you sit in the jeep like thing lol – i think they have 
one in the bowling bit of the brewery in romford ~ oh. and also , i suck at PIU]

We then went to get lunch , i had 2 big mac sandwiches and some fries, which upon looking at the nutritional information means i ate 90% of my 
RDA fat in that one meal (approx 1400 calories – guideline max is 2000 or something.)

moving on from how fat and unhealthy i am. We proceeded to the famous ‘Cirque du Soleil’ which was absoloutely amazing , shame it was only 
about 1 and a half hours long. The 4 little girls playing with diablo’s were the best , followed by the trampoliners.
I have a strange urge to learn how to somersault and dance right now.

I have to pack in a moment , we are leaving tomorrow at around midday after lunch. So this will likely be my last blog entry in Florida.
This has been a great holiday and not one i will soon forget.
I hope that anybody viewing this has enjoyed reading it as much as i have documenting it.

Goodbye Florida.

Things i will miss :
Private Swimming Pool
Queen Sized Bed
Mountain Dew / Root Beer
Own billiard Table
Theme Parks / Water Parks
Good , Cheap Food / Eating out every day
Bikini Girls

Things i will Not miss :
This Computer

Florida Day 20 : Rest / Old Town

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Day 20 : Rest / Old Town

So our plans were cancelled today due to bad weather , I spent most of the day indoors in the villa doing boring stuff.
Watching some TV , playing some games , Practising Pool and Talking with the homies on MSN.

We had dinner at ‘Red Lobster’ which was absolutely amazing , the best meal ive had since ive been here , possibly the best meal of my life… (but 
ill have to think that through first incase im missing something) – I had a Lobster/Crab Combo , which was Lobster , Crab , Scallops , Prawns and 
some roast potatoes , brocoli and Corn on a cob on the side – all smothered in a gorgeous garlic and butter and herb sauce.

After dinner we took a walk to a place called ‘Old Town’ which is somewhat of a permanant funfair style place in a town with shops and such , the 
only interesting thing here was when we accidently wandered into a road filled with Street Racing cars , it looked like a scene from Fast and Furious 
or Need For Speed underground or something , hot looking sports cars with body-kits , vinyls , fancy paint jobs , neon lights and chrome rims 
(hoods popped and loud music blaring as well of course) 

We then returned home , for a spot of packing , since we are leaving soon. Tomorrow is our final Full day in Florida – and will be spent at  Downtown Disney , Disneyquest and Cirque du soleil 

Florida Day 19 : Shopping (again)

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Day 19 : Shopping (again)

Woke up and set off to the Flea Market , wasnt sure what to expect really, after 15 minutes drive we arrived , a large collection of stalls in a small wooden indoor area – somewhat like the shopping arcade in Romford. The stalls were generally very tourist orientated , with things like cheap beach towels , tourist shirts , fake disney merchandise and A LOT of airsoft hangduns, airsoft rifles/shotguns/launchers , knives ,axes , stun guns , nunchucks , maces , kunais , shurikens ,polearms , and weird Wolverine style hand knife things.

After this we went to have lunch at ‘Applebees’ where i had a rather nice Turkey and bacon melt (with cranberry chutney) and a Chicken Fajita thing.

We then went to Walmart – which as im sure i said before , is feckin huge. – They sell everything from Bread to poultry to GARDEN EQUIPMENT to clothes to TYRES to GUNS to games to music to televisions to magazines to skateboards to….. (you get the idea. they sell stuff.)
I found a rather handy looking ‘Game controller to PC USB adapter’ which on top of having 2 usb ports , has ports for a PS2 / GC / XBOX control pads and they can be in use at the same time , for 5 quid , SCORE! – Got one for myself and assumed hassan might want one too , so i got another (5 quid if you want it , if not , im sure somebody else will.) 

After walmart we went to ‘millenia shopping center’ which is a posh version of Lakeside and bluewater put together.
Nothing too exciting happened aside from…
I went into the games shop to buy a magazine for the plane flight home , upon reaching the register the guy looks at me and says ‘do you want the subscription’ – to which i responded ‘no’ he then said ‘oh , well you need the subscription to BUY the magazine , we CANT SELL YOU ONE UNLESS YOU HAVE THE SUBSCRIPTION’ . . . What the fuck? Stupid Americans.

For dinner we went to ‘Chilli’s’ which as the name suggests , serves spicy food , 1 plate of spicy Chicken strips with a corncob and chips , yummy. I ate so much i felt like throwing up , and still do as i type this.

Nothing much else to write about today ~ ohright.
We also popped into walgreens because of abies comment on my last blog post , what the hell are you on about , that shop is suck. its a fucking chemist. – no oreos for you.

Florida Day 18 : Epcot

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Day 18 : Epcot

As a forenote , id like to say that i think Theres more RAM in my sandwich than there is in this goddamned PC – “OH LOOK AT ME IM STEVENS HOLIDAY PC, I CANT RUN TABS IN FIREFOX CUZ I SUX SO MUCH”

We left a little before midday for Epcot , encouraged by the bright sun in the Florida sky – Once we arrived , we trekked to the fastpass distribution for the new star of Epcot , that being ‘Soarin’ ‘ – a sort of 
simulator ride – Our fastpass wasnt ready until later , so in the meantime we went onto the  Finding nemo ride , which turned out to be little other than another ‘Its a small world’ on rails style “ooh , look at the 
fancy scenery and bits and bobs” only with a seabound twist. The ride of course , decided to break down as soon as we boarded ~ This meant we were bombarded with a very distraught Marlin constantly 
screaming “NEMO , NEEEEEEMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!~” and the likes , which was rather irritating. 

After this we got a bite to eat because we missed the morning lunch – We had Rotisserie Chicken with Mash for Lunch , a tad dry , but filling for the price considering we are purchasing from a theme park.
We then went on ‘Soarin’ ‘ – and what a ride it was , its pretty unsurprising that it is so highly advertised (over here at least , on the side of the interstate and such) , you sit on a large swing type structure 
and it then lifts you in front of a huge IMAX style screen , flying scenes then display on the screen and fill your entire field of vision , you get engulfed by it , from the sky down to the 
water/trees/mountains/people beneath your feet.The chairthing then sways and tilts with the events on screen , and a large fan blows air at you to give the sensation of movement , other little things like 
scent producers take place as well – One particular bit features you flying over an orchard and the scent of oranges fills the air – was so awesome.

After this we went on the World Tour thing that Epcot does, with small extracts from many famous Countries , like France , italy , England , japan , China , Morroc-o and a few others. All of which were 
Highlights of which was the American take on England , which features big old style black lights , red phoneboxes everywhere along with our red post box and random castles and such in the background , 
and of course, a pub. 
Another was watching the Dragon legend acrobats in China – 1 girl spinning 4 plates , one on each extremity , whilst balanced on another girl balanced on another girl upside down – You work it out.  
And lastly watching the performers in Japan , making animal shapes out of some sort of candy substance , looked kinda like taffy or something. (watching girls trying on kimono’s was pretty cool too)

After we finished touring all of the countries , we returned to the area with rides , The queue for one particular ride had gone down from to around 15 minutes – Called ‘Mission:Space’ . . .
At the entrance to the ride , you are given a choice – Spinning , or Non Spinning. – The sign outside said the Spinning version had a shorter queue , so we opted for that one. . .
Upon entrance of the ride , we were given a breifing on what exactly we had gotten ourselves into – a 3 and a half minute astronaut space training session which takes place in one of those HUGE 
Stepping through the large doors we got to see the machine , a spiderlike contraption stemming from a large pivot point in the middle , with multiple pods for us to go into,  inside the pods, was a safety 
harness (a rather large one i may add) , joystick (for later use in the simulation thing) and 2 buttons (which you are required to press at points during the ride) The Ride has a large monitor in front of you , 
showing stuff from the first person as if you were in the spaceship , takeoff , flying through asteroids , the lot. I’d also like to mention the ride features the latest in SICK BAG technology , positioned directly in 
the center is a pouch full of sick bags , simply because – once the ride starts , it aint stoppin. No emergency button , no ‘exit through the doors on the right’ , nothin , it gets spinning – and if you need to barf , 
you do it, and if you’re lucky it doesent come flying back at you due to the centrifugal motion of the machine.
The ride then Spins around at 35mph generating some serious G forces on you, the feeling of simulated thrust , or realistic nausea perhaps. Was certainly an awesome ride for the feeling of thrust , but due 
to the extreme spinning and dizziness , im not quite sure if i would do it again.
[wow. long bit for one ride huh.]

We ended the day with some lovely fireworks (The Epcot Illuminations show) and then got some McD’s drive-thru on the way home since it was late.

ps. Brazillians
pps. Coming home soon :< - as most of you know , there are only 21 days in 3 weeks , and this is Day 18 going on 19! 

Tomorrow : Shopping and a thorough visit to wallmart

ppps. Some of you with larger monitors may have noticed i set the blog view thingy properly now , so you can actually use up some of that Screen

Florida Day 17 : Seaworld Part II

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Day 17 : Seaworld Part II

A slow start which lead into an even slower start , After eating breakfast and such (something crappy , i think it was bread and ham) i practiced 
some of my pool as usual – My current Best time for potting everything is 3:03 , cant seem to beat it :<
We went to seaworld to finish off the things we didnt do last time , we watched an animal show , watched some dolphins , petted some Stingray 
(Crikey!) and then went to look at some Manatee’s – which are correctly nicknamed ‘sea cow’ s , They are SOOOOOOO lazy , like wow. they just 
float about , they dont even swim ~ One of them fell on its side and just couldnt be fucked to do anything about it so it just layed there on its side. If i 
was some form of sea creature , id totally be a manatee.
Rode the ‘journey to atlantis’ (log flume) and Kraken (rollercoaster) as well which were both pretty awesome – kraken got me pretty dizzy though..
After this we went to see the arctic creatures – to see them you have to go on this simulator thing , which was an even bigger nausea trip than the 
kraken – guess im not cut out for simulator rides.
Had a nastyish Pizza for lunch – Should be redeemed by dinner. . .

We then returned to the villa , talked to Lauren on MSN for a bit as well as sent out my emails etc.
~ Lauren asked me how fat these americans are : A rough idea would be… ‘My thigh x2 = their arm’ ~

For dinner , we went to a polynesian/hawaiian place called ‘Makahiki Luau’ – a very fancy place indeed.
upon entering the Restaurant place we were directed back outside and given a complimentry drink (I had a ‘Mai Tai’ – some cocktail with fruit juices 
and rum) and given a flower necklace thing , very fancy (and a good souvineer). Inside the restaurant was seating and then a stage , where the 
main attraction would later appear. Half way into our meal (of Rice ,chicken , fish , veggies and ribs – good stuff) the show started , with fire eating 
, dancing  , hula girls (whose hips move independantly of their bodies it would appear) , drumming , shouting and general awesomeness.

ps.  ……………………….brazillians.

Florida Day 16 : Shopping

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Day 16 : Shopping

Woke up , went to shopping outlets.
Lunch : Taco Bell . . . figured id give it a try since its pretty famous and stuff over here. I ordered the ‘Combo Meal no. 1’ – Its no. 1 so surely it must be what most people order right? (for example the big mac meal is no.1 in McD’s) – the meal is 1 Crunchy Taco and 1 Buritto. Now i dont know much about burittos except that in one ‘dexters laboratory’ episode he eats a huge one after making one of his brilliant inventions , so it must be good if dexter eats them right?
WWWRRRRRRRROOOOOOONGGGGGGGGGG!!!~~ [in a lex luthor voice]
H-H-H-H-H-HOLY SHIT that stuff is bad. It was like… eugh. dont even know what the fuck it was like , somewhat of a blend between beans , mincemeat , cheese and mayo. Like.. wtf.
The Taco was so-so , they put some weird sauce in there – mayo or maybe salad cream or something – which makes it taste a little funky , its edible at least though. 
Conclusions Drawn :
1) Next time follow gut instincts and get a subway sandwich instead of opting for the more adventurous option.
2) Taco Bell sucks , if that was meal 1 id hate to try meal 8 or something (much less meal 9001)
3) Spanish people have no tastebuds.

Another notable mention ~ There was a ‘claire’s accessories’ in the food court. What the fuck?
After eating and laughing at people throwing their money away on the stacker machine (trying to win an xbox360 @ $2 a pop – Its cheaper than in UK at least i guess , where its 2 quid a pop [$2 = 1 pound] ) we headed off to buy stuff , mum hunting around for typical woman stuff , handbags and clothes etc. Bought a nice shirt though , has soldiers holding up a guitar like a mortar and has ‘MUSIC IS MY WEAPON’ on the front , which reminded me alot of that song by disturbed.

Went to some bookshop also to buy a magazine for the plane ride home , magazines here are really thin , at least they’re cheaper.
Also found a gift for somebody at home , wont say who its for though ;)

ps. Brazillians.

For dinner we went to the IHOP – Thats ‘international House of Pancakes’ for those who don’t speak american. where i had… a Steak!
Not. that would be disgusting , who on earth would have steak 2 days in a row.
Instead i had a Savoury Crepe with chicken , spinach , mushrooms and cheese. How… almost healthy.

Tomorrow: Going to finish off the stuff we missed at Seaworld.

pps. Ended the day by watching Female Wrestling on my 50″ TV. – lol hair pulling <3

ppps. My left arm aches from spinning the turntable in beatmania and my Right arm aches from playing on my Pool table.

pppps. Wow. 54 blog views today.

Florida Day 15 : Typhoon Lagoon

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Day 15 : Typhoon Lagoon

An early and grumpy start for me , 9am – pretty early for a park which will close pretty early. . . Or will it.
Spent the morning toasting in the sun , going on most of the water slides , the only one which stuck out slightly is ‘humunga cowabunga’ which 
was a pretty steep slide , this one was pretty flop though , only 5 stories and not even a vertical drop. Pft.
And then… well.. thats it really , met up with our roommates friends , who were… kinda intresting i guess [they’re actually invading our villa as i type 
this] – their daughter is HUGE…ly out of proportion ;)  – if you catch my drift , unfortunately had to endure about 20 mins of twitching when i found 
out she was 15 , as are the brazillians over here ~ Which i forgot to mention the other day , we decided to talk to some when we went to magic 
kingdom in one of the queues , apparently in THAT group there was about 300 of them [JUST that group , there are fucking tons.] and they go there 
at the end of their school year when they turn 15 , i think thats the end of Secondary school or something like that – Why the hell dont we have 
anything like that , I dont remember being offered to go to Florida at the end of Secondary School >:(

Spent the rest of the day in the Wave pool , which throws out waves of about 6ft (on top of the 5ft of water already present in the pool) which are 
well enough to send you flying into children , guys , girls , brazillians , old people , fat people etc etc etc. Good for groping , if you’re into that sort of 
met some psychopath girl in the pool in a pink bikini , if you’re reading this ~ You’re a psychopath and you need to learn to play nice instead of 
scratching people.

To our surprise~ no lightning all day! yay! we get to play in the sun all day!

Golden Corral for dinner , Steak. mmm.
Slight sunburn today also :<
And actually i still feel like im being thrown about by waves a tidge.

ps. im like… DARK o_o

[And no commenting about the weight ive gained]

Tomorrow : Shopping i believe. At crappy outlet things , which means all clothes shopping and nothing else ;_;

Florida Day 14 : Disney’s Magic Kingdom

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Day 14 : Disney Magic Kingdom

Reality strikes , 1 more week left until I have to return to sux0r England and forced to go back to talking to normal friends instead of random people and having to look at chavs instead of hot brazillians and other random girls in bikini’s (which is pretty common) 

Had… McDonalds for brunch. – …. it was…. mcdonalds. We were hoping it would be different or something or at least bigger , but nope. nada. Still bigmac , still normal size fries , only notable difference was the availability of powerade as a drinks option (D.I.Y style) and refillable drinks yourself – tried the powerade , tastes like water. Flourescent Blue water.

Then went to Magic Kingdom , went on 3 rides , cant remember what they were other than Space mountain and then BAM Torrential downpour time ~ Monsoon style rain for about 1 hour , where we decided to leave the park and leave for dinner (rain actually still happening now as i type this at 9pm).
For dinner we went to some weird japanese restaurant place , where i had a Steak (surprise surprise) – it was cooked tepanyaki style at least.

Tomorrow : Typhoon Lagoon , early start too , as apparently its likely to be storming tomorrow as well – which means a closed park , as lightning can strike water yadayadayada.

Florida Day 13 : Universal

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Day 13 : Universal

Another late start today , my fault partially as i woke up to discover my ‘roommates’ had left out a toy fully submergable submarine , me being me – decided to give it a try in my pool , all went well until… *blub blub blub*…. ~ “uh… ohshit.” ~ followed by me going to put my swimming trunks on to dive in to retrieve the bastard thing which had stopped working , useless POS submarine doesent even go under water properly. pft.

Went to the ironically named ‘Friendlys’ for lunch, ironically named because we had the moodiest black woman in America , the food was good at least though , had a nice big Burger (lettuce , tomatoes , meat and a layer of onion rings) served with some fries , stole some of my brothers chicken strips in BBQ sauce , and some of my dad’s steak. – which probably isnt too surprising to those who know me irl.

Went off to Universal Islands of adventure next  , rode all the stuff we missed – the hulk , dueling dragons , spiderman …. uh… i think that was it , maybe one or two more not really worth a mention.
Then we went over to Universal Studios , to ride some stuff over there – Jimmy neutron simulator thing , jaws , earthquake…. Then went to a nice Happy days style drive in diner in the park for dinner , where i had another burger (shitty one this time) . Day finished with the ‘Universal 360’ display which combines projected images on a large sphere with fireworks and other pyroshiz. Pretty awesome stuff , we got to stand right by the subwoofer which was lovely and vibrationey on my bits ^_~

Tomorrow : I think we’re doing Magic Kingd~zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

ps. OMFG Reel Big Fish w/ Less than Jake are playing at Universal orlando ‘Hard rock Live’ venue on the 25th!! I WANNA GO OMFG of course the worrying thing is when i recall just how sweaty i got at the RBF gig in London , and combine that with 30 deg or some shit… D: D: D:
Will definately have to check out if i can go though since it will undoubtably be awesome.

pps. Dont actually have a huge ego contrary to popular belief

Florida Day 12 : Disney MGM studios

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Day 12 : Disney MGM studios

A slow start bludgeoned by a trip out into MGM stuidos under 38 degree’s C , we aimed to finish off all that we didnt get to cover last time due to whatever reason , we started with a musical! Beauty and the beast , and boy was she a beauty ~ Gaston also worth noting for his rofl looks and fake muscles , All very competant singers and dancers though , very impressive.
We then journeyed on to the Studio backlot tour , where we got to see some of the behind the scenes stuff, the coolest thing however was probably the little bits and bobs lying around from movies , stuff like the missile’s from the film ‘The Rock’ and parts and costumes from Pirates of the caribbean.
We also saw a muppets 3d show and some sort of short Little mermaid show , which had some redhead singing that thing that Ruth from College sings.
Finished off the theme park with a trip to the tower of terror , where i screamed my guts out a lil. Drop rides where you’re PULLED down faster than gravity = screamtime.
After this a torrential downpour started , lovely. It however did not seem to bother the hordes of brazillians loitering in the middle of the theme park , standing around cheering , dancing and singing. This got me thinking that we (everyone i know) need to get some sort of song going that we can all dance to in the middle of a road somewhere. – crazy brazillians.

Finished off the day with a dinner at ‘Thai Thani’ where we had some lovely thai green curry with some other stuff , had some killer mussels (the food that is – not the ones on my arms. though those are pretty damn killer as well.)

Tomorrrow : A trip back to Islands of adventure and then Universal Studios again (finishing up what we missed last time)

Florida Day 11 : Florida Mall

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Day 11 : Florida Mall

Spent a day just chilling and such today , had a nice lay in until like 11am , then went off to florida mall for lunch – had a browse around the food 

court , had some free samplers and then decided to have some chicken and noodles , a pretty so-so dinner.
Afterwards we went around the huge shopping complex (somewhat like bluewater/lakeside) and found all sorts of cool shops with cool things to 

buy. Highlights were…
– A weird shop which had a huge surf/wave machine in there for people to surf on inside the shop.
– An M&M shop , full of tons of M&M gear and sweets , they sold M&M’s in just about every colour of the rainbow and then some , was much like 

picking a colour at homebase (would you like blue , dark blue , deep blue , sea blue , blue blue , blueberry , teal , blue moon , blue lagoon….) [A18 

inside joke there for those who didnt get it.]
– A shop called ‘Japan HQ’ filled with all sorts of mecha toys , figurines , japanese sweets/food and some other stuff, lots of Evangelion figurines 

but there were some bleach stuff , FMA , a Tsukamoto Tenma figurine which i REALLY wanted to buy but it was like $55 :( , saw some death note 

stuff also but it was kinda lame – it was a ring and some sort of pendant thing.
– Definately the COOLEST SHOP EVER which had [amongst a shitton of other stuff]…
* A Bleach Urahara hat! (picture to come :D)
* Guitar hero Guitar Skins
* All sorts of anime stuff , including an Alphonse elric hat , bleach stuffs , and a PRESENT FOR HASSAN which i bought
* 2 aisles of anime DVD’s!
* Lots of porn!!
* A Beatmania PS2 pack which i bought – Is a proper konami beatmania controller and comes with a PS2 game ; $30!! BARGAIN! (thats 15 pounds!)
* REPLICA SPARTAN HELMET OMFG (sooooo wanted to buy , but $55 – ow.)

I think thats everything , to summarise , i bought a nice beatmania bundle pack for PS2 (thats a game if any noobs are reading) and a present for my dear Hassan for responding to emails and giving me something to read. – the rest of you , want presents? Send me more fucking mail.

Had ‘Perkins’ for dinner, which is a cross between a restaurant and a bakery (cakes and such for desert) – Had a fair meal, i had some sort of spicy fajita thing with chicken.

ps. Carpel tunnel has a pricetag – $30. After 40 mins of playing beatmania , my wrists hurt.

Tomorrow : Disney MGM studios – subject to change.

Florida Day 10 : Seaworld

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Day 10 : Seaworld

Surprisingly for me , this park was 80% shows , 5% rides and 25% animals  – Yes 110% , that many shows.
So we pretty much ditched the idea of going on the log flume or the kraken (the rollercoaster) and focused on the shows all days , we started off with some sea lion show , where the mime at the beginning was clearly the best bit , making fun of the audience and such. then we went round the entire park to go to the humongous ‘shamu stadium’ to see ‘believe’ with the hueg famous whale. Was pretty cool , although not as good as i expected it to be , considering its the show that seaworld is famous for. We then went to see a dolphin/acrobat/bird/loli show called ‘blue horizons’ which was absoloutely awesome , a great blend of dolphins , somersault diving , trapeze , exotic birds flying overhead and a few random hot girls in costumes in the background (which was right up my alley.). We then went back to see a different sea lion show which was very funny and then back to see the hueg whale shamu for its nightitme ‘shamu rocks’ show – featuring loud rox music and dancing and an epic guitar solo which even herman li would want to listen to – the experience only slightly spoiled by a group of 3 very very drunk people in front of us.
We didnt actually have time for dinner , so we just went to ‘publix’ the supermarket on the way home and got some sushi which turned out to be enough – we also bought more mountain dew and root beer mmmmmmmmm.

They show some awesome stuff at night on cartoon network here , the channel turns into ‘adult swim’ and shows awesome (but dubbed) anime’s like ‘Bleach’ and ‘Full metal Alchemist’ – they’re not too far in though
bleach – Just arrived at ganju’s sister’s house where they plan to invade soul society cannonball style
FMA – just met the fake elric brothers in the mining town.

Slept the latest today , at 2am or something , it’s fine though since we have a rest/shopping day tomorrow.

Florida Day 9 : Blizzard Beach

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Day 9 : Blizzard Beach

A pretty fun day , aside from the burninating on my neck and shoulders that i got :(
Day was filled with running about , going on various slides and pools (and the lazy river of course – that being just a big round river where you ride 

round in a rubber ring [a tube] for ages on end.)
Unfortunately it was a pretty standard day as theme parks go , nothing too amazing so to speak.
I did eventually pluck up the courage to ride the summit plummet , go me (120ft high near vertical slide)
Met a nice family up there , including moderately hot girl in black bikini , dont actually know who they were , other than they were from near 

Had golden corral for dinner , which was a buffet – including all you can eat STEAK and SHRIMP
… im full.
Nuff said.

ps. For those intrested – Sound effect for Summit Plummet was a rather mild ‘AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH’ as opposed to the rather explicit ‘FUUUUUUUUUUCKKKK’ on the bomb bay (at wet n wild)

Florida Day 8 : Disneys Animal Kingdom

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Day 8 : Disneys Animal Kingdom

Not too much to say since Animal Kingdom is moderately suck compared to all of the other theme parks.
Although one thing animal kingdom did do pretty well were the shows.
We watched Pocahontas the show , which was…. pretty so-so , more of an animal show than anything else.
We then went to watch the Lion King thingy , which was amazing , tons of dancers dressed up in awesome costumes and such.
The green snake girl and Blue bird girl were friggin hawt. The Bird waved at me and blew me a kiss, go me! :D
This show also made me realise i may have somewhat of a fetish problem with girls dressed in weird stuff – animals in this case. hmm.
Last show we went to see was the finding nemo musical , which was pretty amazing , the dancers/singers all had Puppets of characters from the movie along with singing and dancing, with music, lights , fog , bubbles ,and other stuff. 
I may very well be becoming old , as i seem to rather enjoy these shows now , whereas back in my youth i found them shit. scary stuff.
Rode the new Everest ride , which is a rollercoaster than goes through a mountain (forwards and backwards and in the dark for some of it) fun stuff , but i cant help but feel it wasnt extreme enough , i kept bracing for that gut wrenching feeling when you drop at a really steep angle but it just didnt come. how disapointing :(

Rather bad chinese takeaway for dinner , although they did serve the rice and noodles in those cliche’ square boxes that you see in the movies. which was pretty cool.

Tomorrow : Blizzard beach – Will i pluck up the courage to ride the really high waterslide? (summit plummet i think it was called.) 

Florida Day 7 : Discovery Cove

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Day 7 : Discovery Cove

What an amazing day , one of the best of my life.
Started early , around 7am wake up , we had to be there by 8am to check in and such , once we got there , freindly greeting from all of the staff present , got our photo ID thingys.
Walked out of the lobby and found a sloth. hmm. alright then. got a photo with it and such , sexy little furry thing it was. Not much like that thing from ice age though unfortunately.
Walked along the path to go and get our gear , gear being our snorkle , goggles and wetsuit , Got changed into my swimgear had a little breakfast (just some pastries and fruits) and then we hit the beach for 

half an hour or so , playing on the hammocks until our turn for…
Our own little dolphin! Its name was Akai and it was a male iirc. playful little thing , sure does like being stroked.
Got opportunity to touch it , kiss it , hug it and ride with it , along with have it do some tricks for us.
Yes. i kissed it D: was rather afraid it would bite my face off tbh. they’re pretty big and powerful , their tails in particular.
Got lots of professional photo’s taken for us yei for them.

edit :
[IMG] – Dolphin!

Afterwards we had a snack (comes with the price , eat/drink as much as you like during your stay in the park [including alcohol… if you’re 21.] ) and went on down to the 2nd main event , the coral reef. this 

is where our snorkles came in , swam around staring at hundreds of tropical fish and rays , stared a shark in the face and swam alongside a barracuda , exciting stuff. Water was fugging freezing though.
Then moved on to the warm pool and swam round a little lagoon thingy , after this we got some lunch (salmon and wedges for me ,with a cake.) and then went to the bird aviary , to feed birdies.
Unfortunately no birds landed on me :(  i guess im just not friendly enough looking to attract birdies but oh well, i fed some weird looking bird things anyway ,one of which looked like a grey grouse (that thing 

from the whiskey bottle – i think its whiskey anyway. [could be bourbon or whatever] )
Rest of the day was spent in the coral reef and around the place swimming about with my snorkle.
Then at 5:30pm , the park closed , and everyone was sad , but we got our stuff and got changed etc. Turns out i SOMEHOW LOST MY UNDERWEAR AND SHORTS… oh dear. D:
had to wear my swim trunks home , got to take home the snorkle and goggles as souviners , as well as our photo ID’s
At home , just had some snacks for dinner , got to try Beef jerky which is…. hard! very hard infact.

It was an amazing experience i will never forget , and although hard to blog about without making it sound boring as hell , it was one of the best times of my life. So glad i lived long enough to experience this.

Tomorrow : Not sure , i think its Disney’s animal Kingdom. . .

Ps. Got a sunburn on my shoulders :(:(:( at least it was for a good cause.

Florida Day 6 : Universal Studios

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Day 6 : Universal Studios

Had ‘shoneys’ for breakfast which was pretty nice , albeit a tad expensive for the quality of the food , Then we headed off to Univsersal studios , rode all the stuff we didnt cover last time , as well as some 

that we did. Highlights were the Shrek 4d and ‘Return of the mummy’ which was soemwhat of a show/rollercoaster fusion which was very cool.
Nothing too extremely awesome happened today tbfh , aside from our dinner…
Which was at ‘bubba gumps’ – based on the film forest gump , i cant remember exactly what i had , but it was a good mix of 5 or 6 types of shrimp , included were Cold fresh steamed shrimp , shrimp 

steamed in garlic and herbs , cocounut shrimp , deep fried battered shrimp , breaded shrimp and maybe one or two others that ive forgotten about , was probably the best dinner ive had so far.
Took a dip in our pool to end the day, which was surprisingly deep and fun , it is heated and has lights so it can be used at nighttime ^_^

Tomorrow : Discovery Cove , where i will swim with a dolphin! hopefully. . .

Florida Day 5 : Busch Gardens

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Day 5 : Busch Gardens

So after an early start (8am – lazy me.) and some fruit loops (again. lazy me. too lazy to make toast) we got going to busch gardens , only a mild 

twitch inducing hour and 10 minute drive down the interstate 4.
Arrived there in the F parking lot , with a giraffe picture. which i cleverly linked to ‘F , for Friggin long-neck’ clever ol me.
Got into the theme park and rode the wooden rollercoaster (gwazi) , then proceded to go onto all of the largest rollercoasters we could find , with 

only the shitty log flume breaking our flow. All of which are verymuch better than every ride in chesington put together and smelted with a 50″ 

plasma TV. – Yeah. that f*cking awesome.
Amongst the rollercoasters were the famous ‘Montu’ which has like 5 inverts or something , the ‘kumba’ with equally as many inverts , if not more. 

and finally – the ‘Sheikra’ named aptly so after a hunting hawk of some sort.
The jist of it is…
200ft High (for comparison , 1 story high is approx 8-15 ft high)
2x 90 deg vertical drop (thats straight down for those whom are less math able – you know who you are.)
and no floor (which was apparently only added last month. lucky ol me)

Needless to say , it was quite possibly the most insane ride ive ever ridden in my life , rivaled only in shock factor by the ‘bomb bay’ on day 3.
Towards the end of the day , watched some chinese acrobat people jump around and do backflips and such , highlights of that being 8 children on 

a bike – wasnt sure whether to cheer or try and get them to fall – just to see how much ‘splash damage’ there would be. 

How did i end my awesome day i hear you shout. The same way i end all my awesome days , with a steak the size of my cock. okay that was a 

joke. it wasnt that big. 12oz (thats about 2 cm high at least and the size of my hand. *results may vary*)

Tomorrow : Universal Studios

Florida Day 3-4 : Wet n Wild + Rest

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Day 3

Wet n Wild , so this place is pretty much just a huge water themepark filled with water slides and bikini clad girls. Lots of both. GREAT!
Went on lots of funky water slide things, those which stuck out is one called ‘storm’ which shoots you into a mist filled bowl and spins you round 

before plonking you into a large pool of water (think penny dropping thing that you get in sainsburys) , ‘disco H20’ which is a big 4 person raft that 

goes round a disco area thing , and ‘the bomb bay’ which is worth a google ,the jist of it is a 6 story near vertical water slide which involves getting 

into a cabinet thing at the top , standing there ABOVE the water slide , the floor then opens up below you (while you’re standing on it) and you 

f*cking freefall for 2 seconds or so onto this 6 story slide at a near vertical drop. I was shaking when i got off. that shit was bannanas.
Also worth noting that the people who go to this theme park are generally young and hot with perfect bodies. They held a hula hoop competition , 

which was rather entertaining also.
Went to wallmart in the evening , which was – and i shit you not – about the size of 12 sainsburys put together. it was HUEEEGGGG , approx 30 

aisles and 20 rows of aisles or something insane like that.
Yummy rack of ribs and some shrimp for dinner <3

ps. Brazillians are invading florida , they come to our themeparks in packs and hog the rides! D:

Day 4

A nice lil rest day , woke up at 11am , lazy ol me. Went shopping and such , nothign too major to blog aside from some cool shops we found , in 

particular one shop which sold tons of shirts and lil things , from band t-shirts to anime stuff (bleach stuff , full metal alchemist stuff , naruto etc.) to 

Gamer shirts (‘I eat noobs for lunch’ , mario , halo 3 etc)
The second awesome shop was a large van’s (the shoe manufacturer) with a huge skatepark inside the shop! complete with hordes of skaters 

and skateboarders doing their shit inside the shop. was amazing.
Dinner was pretty meh , some chinese buffet.

I think im turning into a chewing gum whore ,i bought like $10 worth the other day , lots of trident chewing gum , because its so pricey in the UK.

Tomorrow: busch gardens i think. should be intresting.

*Additional Note : ohshi ,i think im getting fat :(
my gut is getting pretty hueg. ./cry

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