Florida 2007 – Day 1 – Arrival

Day 1 : Arrival

Arrived in US today , steak dinner etc.
was moderately stressful day until we got to the villa…
i shit you not. it looks like soemthing a celeb would be showing off on MTV.
¬†everytime i walk into the villa i feel like spinning round and saying ‘hey , welcome to my crib’ or something to that effect.
theres aircon , pool , pool table , balcony , 50″ tv , shitty pc (which sends out emails so meh.)
and some other stuff also , i think we have like 3 toilets or something ridiculous.
Not sure what we’ll be doing for the rest of the holiday , but seeing as i have access to a pc which i didnt see coming , i guess ill be sending out regular updates.¬†

Ps. shitty keyboard is shitty.

Day 2 (morning) –
oh , okay , so apparently every bedorom has its own toilet and bathroom.
Woke up at 7am , which is actually like 1pm if i was back in UK time , so i cant tell whether im really lazy or what.Bed was double , which is double the size im used to , wasnt sure how to sleep , ended up just sleeping diagonally and not moving since im so used to a single bed. Had fruit loops for breakfast , which is… seriously sugary. like christ. I may as well have been eating sugar. Still havent had a dip in my swimming pool, maybe ill do that later.