Florida Day 2 : Islands of Adventure

Day 2 : Islands of Adventure

so.. decided to go to islands of adventure (universal) and to our surprise , it decided to be a heatwave.
note: When you get a heatwave in a country which is normally at around 30+ degrees , you come close to catching fire.

Nothing too intresting happened , the usual stuff ,breakfast buffet consisting of pancakes , hash brown (which they call potato cakes. freaks.) bacon , sausages etc etc. I felt really fat aft…. *looks down* no wait , i still feel really fat. i think i may be putting on weight already D: 
went to islands of adventure and such ,went on a few rides saw a few shows (sinbad lol) and then went to some nice restaurant place to have shrimp coated in cocounut. which was NOICE.

Finally got to finish the day by directing my dad home , apparently american roads are confusing as hell , and a wrong turn usually ends up in either
a) a u-turn
b) a 15 minute diversion over 5 miles.
just because everything is that fugging big.

Today…. (day 3) what we have planned is- a trip to wallmart to buy just about everything. and then a trip to wet’n wild theme park , which is basically an excuse to run around half naked and ride all manner of water slides and such. 

note: there will be pics and shit when i get back , i cant upload anything to this pc because no wires etc.