Florida Day 3-4 : Wet n Wild + Rest

Day 3

Wet n Wild , so this place is pretty much just a huge water themepark filled with water slides and bikini clad girls. Lots of both. GREAT!
Went on lots of funky water slide things, those which stuck out is one called ‘storm’ which shoots you into a mist filled bowl and spins you round 

before plonking you into a large pool of water (think penny dropping thing that you get in sainsburys) , ‘disco H20’ which is a big 4 person raft that 

goes round a disco area thing , and ‘the bomb bay’ which is worth a google ,the jist of it is a 6 story near vertical water slide which involves getting 

into a cabinet thing at the top , standing there ABOVE the water slide , the floor then opens up below you (while you’re standing on it) and you 

f*cking freefall for 2 seconds or so onto this 6 story slide at a near vertical drop. I was shaking when i got off. that shit was bannanas.
Also worth noting that the people who go to this theme park are generally young and hot with perfect bodies. They held a hula hoop competition , 

which was rather entertaining also.
Went to wallmart in the evening , which was – and i shit you not – about the size of 12 sainsburys put together. it was HUEEEGGGG , approx 30 

aisles and 20 rows of aisles or something insane like that.
Yummy rack of ribs and some shrimp for dinner <3

ps. Brazillians are invading florida , they come to our themeparks in packs and hog the rides! D:

Day 4

A nice lil rest day , woke up at 11am , lazy ol me. Went shopping and such , nothign too major to blog aside from some cool shops we found , in 

particular one shop which sold tons of shirts and lil things , from band t-shirts to anime stuff (bleach stuff , full metal alchemist stuff , naruto etc.) to 

Gamer shirts (‘I eat noobs for lunch’ , mario , halo 3 etc)
The second awesome shop was a large van’s (the shoe manufacturer) with a huge skatepark inside the shop! complete with hordes of skaters 

and skateboarders doing their shit inside the shop. was amazing.
Dinner was pretty meh , some chinese buffet.

I think im turning into a chewing gum whore ,i bought like $10 worth the other day , lots of trident chewing gum , because its so pricey in the UK.

Tomorrow: busch gardens i think. should be intresting.

*Additional Note : ohshi ,i think im getting fat 🙁
my gut is getting pretty hueg. ./cry