Florida Day 5 : Busch Gardens

Day 5 : Busch Gardens

So after an early start (8am – lazy me.) and some fruit loops (again. lazy me. too lazy to make toast) we got going to busch gardens , only a mild 

twitch inducing hour and 10 minute drive down the interstate 4.
Arrived there in the F parking lot , with a giraffe picture. which i cleverly linked to ‘F , for Friggin long-neck’ clever ol me.
Got into the theme park and rode the wooden rollercoaster (gwazi) , then proceded to go onto all of the largest rollercoasters we could find , with 

only the shitty log flume breaking our flow. All of which are verymuch better than every ride in chesington put together and smelted with a 50″ 

plasma TV. – Yeah. that f*cking awesome.
Amongst the rollercoasters were the famous ‘Montu’ which has like 5 inverts or something , the ‘kumba’ with equally as many inverts , if not more. 

and finally – the ‘Sheikra’ named aptly so after a hunting hawk of some sort.
The jist of it is…
200ft High (for comparison , 1 story high is approx 8-15 ft high)
2x 90 deg vertical drop (thats straight down for those whom are less math able – you know who you are.)
and no floor (which was apparently only added last month. lucky ol me)

Needless to say , it was quite possibly the most insane ride ive ever ridden in my life , rivaled only in shock factor by the ‘bomb bay’ on day 3.
Towards the end of the day , watched some chinese acrobat people jump around and do backflips and such , highlights of that being 8 children on 

a bike – wasnt sure whether to cheer or try and get them to fall – just to see how much ‘splash damage’ there would be. 

How did i end my awesome day i hear you shout. The same way i end all my awesome days , with a steak the size of my cock. okay that was a 

joke. it wasnt that big. 12oz (thats about 2 cm high at least and the size of my hand. *results may vary*)

Tomorrow : Universal Studios