Florida Day 6 : Universal Studios

Day 6 : Universal Studios

Had ‘shoneys’ for breakfast which was pretty nice , albeit a tad expensive for the quality of the food , Then we headed off to Univsersal studios , rode all the stuff we didnt cover last time , as well as some¬†

that we did. Highlights were the Shrek 4d and ‘Return of the mummy’ which was soemwhat of a show/rollercoaster fusion which was very cool.
Nothing too extremely awesome happened today tbfh , aside from our dinner…
Which was at ‘bubba gumps’ – based on the film forest gump , i cant remember exactly what i had , but it was a good mix of 5 or 6 types of shrimp , included were Cold fresh steamed shrimp , shrimp¬†

steamed in garlic and herbs , cocounut shrimp , deep fried battered shrimp , breaded shrimp and maybe one or two others that ive forgotten about , was probably the best dinner ive had so far.
Took a dip in our pool to end the day, which was surprisingly deep and fun , it is heated and has lights so it can be used at nighttime ^_^

Tomorrow : Discovery Cove , where i will swim with a dolphin! hopefully. . .