Florida Day 7 : Discovery Cove

Day 7 : Discovery Cove

What an amazing day , one of the best of my life.
Started early , around 7am wake up , we had to be there by 8am to check in and such , once we got there , freindly greeting from all of the staff present , got our photo ID thingys.
Walked out of the lobby and found a sloth. hmm. alright then. got a photo with it and such , sexy little furry thing it was. Not much like that thing from ice age though unfortunately.
Walked along the path to go and get our gear , gear being our snorkle , goggles and wetsuit , Got changed into my swimgear had a little breakfast (just some pastries and fruits) and then we hit the beach for 

half an hour or so , playing on the hammocks until our turn for…
Our own little dolphin! Its name was Akai and it was a male iirc. playful little thing , sure does like being stroked.
Got opportunity to touch it , kiss it , hug it and ride with it , along with have it do some tricks for us.
Yes. i kissed it D: was rather afraid it would bite my face off tbh. they’re pretty big and powerful , their tails in particular.
Got lots of professional photo’s taken for us yei for them.

edit :
[IMG] – Dolphin!

Afterwards we had a snack (comes with the price , eat/drink as much as you like during your stay in the park [including alcohol… if you’re 21.] ) and went on down to the 2nd main event , the coral reef. this 

is where our snorkles came in , swam around staring at hundreds of tropical fish and rays , stared a shark in the face and swam alongside a barracuda , exciting stuff. Water was fugging freezing though.
Then moved on to the warm pool and swam round a little lagoon thingy , after this we got some lunch (salmon and wedges for me ,with a cake.) and then went to the bird aviary , to feed birdies.
Unfortunately no birds landed on me 🙁  i guess im just not friendly enough looking to attract birdies but oh well, i fed some weird looking bird things anyway ,one of which looked like a grey grouse (that thing 

from the whiskey bottle – i think its whiskey anyway. [could be bourbon or whatever] )
Rest of the day was spent in the coral reef and around the place swimming about with my snorkle.
Then at 5:30pm , the park closed , and everyone was sad , but we got our stuff and got changed etc. Turns out i SOMEHOW LOST MY UNDERWEAR AND SHORTS… oh dear. D:
had to wear my swim trunks home , got to take home the snorkle and goggles as souviners , as well as our photo ID’s
At home , just had some snacks for dinner , got to try Beef jerky which is…. hard! very hard infact.

It was an amazing experience i will never forget , and although hard to blog about without making it sound boring as hell , it was one of the best times of my life. So glad i lived long enough to experience this.

Tomorrow : Not sure , i think its Disney’s animal Kingdom. . .

Ps. Got a sunburn on my shoulders :(:(:( at least it was for a good cause.