Florida Day 8 : Disneys Animal Kingdom

Day 8 : Disneys Animal Kingdom

Not too much to say since Animal Kingdom is moderately suck compared to all of the other theme parks.
Although one thing animal kingdom did do pretty well were the shows.
We watched Pocahontas the show , which was…. pretty so-so , more of an animal show than anything else.
We then went to watch the Lion King thingy , which was amazing , tons of dancers dressed up in awesome costumes and such.
The green snake girl and Blue bird girl were friggin hawt. The Bird waved at me and blew me a kiss, go me! 😀
This show also made me realise i may have somewhat of a fetish problem with girls dressed in weird stuff – animals in this case. hmm.
Last show we went to see was the finding nemo musical , which was pretty amazing , the dancers/singers all had Puppets of characters from the movie along with singing and dancing, with music, lights , fog , bubbles ,and other stuff. 
I may very well be becoming old , as i seem to rather enjoy these shows now , whereas back in my youth i found them shit. scary stuff.
Rode the new Everest ride , which is a rollercoaster than goes through a mountain (forwards and backwards and in the dark for some of it) fun stuff , but i cant help but feel it wasnt extreme enough , i kept bracing for that gut wrenching feeling when you drop at a really steep angle but it just didnt come. how disapointing 🙁

Rather bad chinese takeaway for dinner , although they did serve the rice and noodles in those cliche’ square boxes that you see in the movies. which was pretty cool.

Tomorrow : Blizzard beach – Will i pluck up the courage to ride the really high waterslide? (summit plummet i think it was called.)