Florida Day 10 : Seaworld

Day 10 : Seaworld

Surprisingly for me , this park was 80% shows , 5% rides and 25% animalsĀ  – Yes 110% , that many shows.
So we pretty much ditched the idea of going on the log flume or the kraken (the rollercoaster) and focused on the shows all days , we started off with some sea lion show , where the mime at the beginning was clearly the best bit , making fun of the audience and such. then we went round the entire park to go to the humongous ‘shamu stadium’ to see ‘believe’ with the hueg famous whale. Was pretty cool , although not as good as i expected it to be , considering its the show that seaworld is famous for. We then went to see a dolphin/acrobat/bird/loli show called ‘blue horizons’ which was absoloutely awesome , a great blend of dolphins , somersault diving , trapeze , exotic birds flying overhead and a few random hot girls in costumes in the background (which was right up my alley.). We then went back to see a different sea lion show which was very funny and then back to see the hueg whale shamu for its nightitme ‘shamu rocks’ show – featuring loud rox music and dancing and an epic guitar solo which even herman li would want to listen to – the experience only slightly spoiled by a group of 3 very very drunk people in front of us.
We didnt actually have time for dinner , so we just went to ‘publix’ the supermarket on the way home and got some sushi which turned out to be enough – we also bought more mountain dew and root beer mmmmmmmmm.

They show some awesome stuff at night on cartoon network here , the channel turns into ‘adult swim’ and shows awesome (but dubbed) anime’s like ‘Bleach’ and ‘Full metal Alchemist’ – they’re not too far in though
bleach – Just arrived at ganju’s sister’s house where they plan to invade soul society cannonball style
FMA – just met the fake elric brothers in the mining town.

Slept the latest today , at 2am or something , it’s fine though since we have a rest/shopping day tomorrow.