Florida Day 9 : Blizzard Beach

Day 9 : Blizzard Beach

A pretty fun day , aside from the burninating on my neck and shoulders that i got šŸ™
Day was filled with running about , going on various slides and pools (and the lazy river of course – that being just a big round river where you rideĀ 

round in a rubber ring [a tube] for ages on end.)
Unfortunately it was a pretty standard day as theme parks go , nothing too amazing so to speak.
I did eventually pluck up the courage to ride the summit plummet , go me (120ft high near vertical slide)
Met a nice family up there , including moderately hot girl in black bikini , dont actually know who they were , other than they were from nearĀ 

Had golden corral for dinner , which was a buffet – including all you can eat STEAK and SHRIMP
… im full.
Nuff said.

ps. For those intrested – Sound effect for Summit Plummet was a rather mild ‘AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH’ as opposed to the rather explicit ‘FUUUUUUUUUUCKKKK’ on the bomb bay (at wet n wild)