Florida Day 11 : Florida Mall

Day 11 : Florida Mall

Spent a day just chilling and such today , had a nice lay in until like 11am , then went off to florida mall for lunch – had a browse around the food 

court , had some free samplers and then decided to have some chicken and noodles , a pretty so-so dinner.
Afterwards we went around the huge shopping complex (somewhat like bluewater/lakeside) and found all sorts of cool shops with cool things to 

buy. Highlights were…
– A weird shop which had a huge surf/wave machine in there for people to surf on inside the shop.
– An M&M shop , full of tons of M&M gear and sweets , they sold M&M’s in just about every colour of the rainbow and then some , was much like 

picking a colour at homebase (would you like blue , dark blue , deep blue , sea blue , blue blue , blueberry , teal , blue moon , blue lagoon….) [A18 

inside joke there for those who didnt get it.]
– A shop called ‘Japan HQ’ filled with all sorts of mecha toys , figurines , japanese sweets/food and some other stuff, lots of Evangelion figurines 

but there were some bleach stuff , FMA , a Tsukamoto Tenma figurine which i REALLY wanted to buy but it was like $55 🙁 , saw some death note 

stuff also but it was kinda lame – it was a ring and some sort of pendant thing.
– Definately the COOLEST SHOP EVER which had [amongst a shitton of other stuff]…
* A Bleach Urahara hat! (picture to come :D)
* Guitar hero Guitar Skins
* All sorts of anime stuff , including an Alphonse elric hat , bleach stuffs , and a PRESENT FOR HASSAN which i bought
* 2 aisles of anime DVD’s!
* Lots of porn!!
* A Beatmania PS2 pack which i bought – Is a proper konami beatmania controller and comes with a PS2 game ; $30!! BARGAIN! (thats 15 pounds!)
* REPLICA SPARTAN HELMET OMFG (sooooo wanted to buy , but $55 – ow.)

I think thats everything , to summarise , i bought a nice beatmania bundle pack for PS2 (thats a game if any noobs are reading) and a present for my dear Hassan for responding to emails and giving me something to read. – the rest of you , want presents? Send me more fucking mail.

Had ‘Perkins’ for dinner, which is a cross between a restaurant and a bakery (cakes and such for desert) – Had a fair meal, i had some sort of spicy fajita thing with chicken.

ps. Carpel tunnel has a pricetag – $30. After 40 mins of playing beatmania , my wrists hurt.

Tomorrow : Disney MGM studios – subject to change.