Florida Day 12 : Disney MGM studios

Day 12 : Disney MGM studios

A slow start bludgeoned by a trip out into MGM stuidos under 38 degree’s C , we aimed to finish off all that we didnt get to cover last time due to whatever reason , we started with a musical! Beauty and the beast , and boy was she a beauty ~ Gaston also worth noting for his rofl looks and fake muscles , All very competant singers and dancers though , very impressive.
We then journeyed on to the Studio backlot tour , where we got to see some of the behind the scenes stuff, the coolest thing however was probably the little bits and bobs lying around from movies , stuff like the missile’s from the film ‘The Rock’ and parts and costumes from Pirates of the caribbean.
We also saw a muppets 3d show and some sort of short Little mermaid show , which had some redhead singing that thing that Ruth from College sings.
Finished off the theme park with a trip to the tower of terror , where i screamed my guts out a lil. Drop rides where you’re PULLED down faster than gravity = screamtime.
After this a torrential downpour started , lovely. It however did not seem to bother the hordes of brazillians loitering in the middle of the theme park , standing around cheering , dancing and singing. This got me thinking that we (everyone i know) need to get some sort of song going that we can all dance to in the middle of a road somewhere. – crazy brazillians.

Finished off the day with a dinner at ‘Thai Thani’ where we had some lovely thai green curry with some other stuff , had some killer mussels (the food that is – not the ones on my arms. though those are pretty damn killer as well.)

Tomorrrow : A trip back to Islands of adventure and then Universal Studios again (finishing up what we missed last time)