Florida Day 13 : Universal

Day 13 : Universal

Another late start today , my fault partially as i woke up to discover my ‘roommates’ had left out a toy fully submergable submarine , me being me – decided to give it a try in my pool , all went well until… *blub blub blub*…. ~ “uh… ohshit.” ~ followed by me going to put my swimming trunks on to dive in to retrieve the bastard thing which had stopped working , useless POS submarine doesent even go under water properly. pft.

Went to the ironically named ‘Friendlys’ for lunch, ironically named because we had the moodiest black woman in America , the food was good at least though , had a nice big Burger (lettuce , tomatoes , meat and a layer of onion rings) served with some fries , stole some of my brothers chicken strips in BBQ sauce , and some of my dad’s steak. – which probably isnt too surprising to those who know me irl.

Went off to Universal Islands of adventure next  , rode all the stuff we missed – the hulk , dueling dragons , spiderman …. uh… i think that was it , maybe one or two more not really worth a mention.
Then we went over to Universal Studios , to ride some stuff over there – Jimmy neutron simulator thing , jaws , earthquake…. Then went to a nice Happy days style drive in diner in the park for dinner , where i had another burger (shitty one this time) . Day finished with the ‘Universal 360’ display which combines projected images on a large sphere with fireworks and other pyroshiz. Pretty awesome stuff , we got to stand right by the subwoofer which was lovely and vibrationey on my bits ^_~

Tomorrow : I think we’re doing Magic Kingd~zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

ps. OMFG Reel Big Fish w/ Less than Jake are playing at Universal orlando ‘Hard rock Live’ venue on the 25th!! I WANNA GO OMFG of course the worrying thing is when i recall just how sweaty i got at the RBF gig in London , and combine that with 30 deg or some shit… D: D: D:
Will definately have to check out if i can go though since it will undoubtably be awesome.

pps. Dont actually have a huge ego contrary to popular belief