Florida Day 14 : Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Day 14 : Disney Magic Kingdom

Reality strikes , 1 more week left until I have to return to sux0r England and forced to go back to talking to normal friends instead of random people and having to look at chavs instead of hot brazillians and other random girls in bikini’s (which is pretty common) 

Had… McDonalds for brunch. – …. it was…. mcdonalds. We were hoping it would be different or something or at least bigger , but nope. nada. Still bigmac , still normal size fries , only notable difference was the availability of powerade as a drinks option (D.I.Y style) and refillable drinks yourself – tried the powerade , tastes like water. Flourescent Blue water.

Then went to Magic Kingdom , went on 3 rides , cant remember what they were other than Space mountain and then BAM Torrential downpour time ~ Monsoon style rain for about 1 hour , where we decided to leave the park and leave for dinner (rain actually still happening now as i type this at 9pm).
For dinner we went to some weird japanese restaurant place , where i had a Steak (surprise surprise) – it was cooked tepanyaki style at least.

Tomorrow : Typhoon Lagoon , early start too , as apparently its likely to be storming tomorrow as well – which means a closed park , as lightning can strike water yadayadayada.