Florida Day 15 : Typhoon Lagoon

Day 15 : Typhoon Lagoon

An early and grumpy start for me , 9am – pretty early for a park which will close pretty early. . . Or will it.
Spent the morning toasting in the sun , going on most of the water slides , the only one which stuck out slightly is ‘humunga cowabunga’ which 
was a pretty steep slide , this one was pretty flop though , only 5 stories and not even a vertical drop. Pft.
And then… well.. thats it really , met up with our roommates friends , who were… kinda intresting i guess [they’re actually invading our villa as i type 
this] – their daughter is HUGE…ly out of proportion 😉  – if you catch my drift , unfortunately had to endure about 20 mins of twitching when i found 
out she was 15 , as are the brazillians over here ~ Which i forgot to mention the other day , we decided to talk to some when we went to magic 
kingdom in one of the queues , apparently in THAT group there was about 300 of them [JUST that group , there are fucking tons.] and they go there 
at the end of their school year when they turn 15 , i think thats the end of Secondary school or something like that – Why the hell dont we have 
anything like that , I dont remember being offered to go to Florida at the end of Secondary School >:(

Spent the rest of the day in the Wave pool , which throws out waves of about 6ft (on top of the 5ft of water already present in the pool) which are 
well enough to send you flying into children , guys , girls , brazillians , old people , fat people etc etc etc. Good for groping , if you’re into that sort of 
met some psychopath girl in the pool in a pink bikini , if you’re reading this ~ You’re a psychopath and you need to learn to play nice instead of 
scratching people.

To our surprise~ no lightning all day! yay! we get to play in the sun all day!

Golden Corral for dinner , Steak. mmm.
Slight sunburn today also :<
And actually i still feel like im being thrown about by waves a tidge.

ps. im like… DARK o_o

[And no commenting about the weight ive gained]

Tomorrow : Shopping i believe. At crappy outlet things , which means all clothes shopping and nothing else ;_;