Florida Day 16 : Shopping

Day 16 : Shopping

Woke up , went to shopping outlets.
Lunch : Taco Bell . . . figured id give it a try since its pretty famous and stuff over here. I ordered the ‘Combo Meal no. 1’ – Its no. 1 so surely it must be what most people order right? (for example the big mac meal is no.1 in McD’s) – the meal is 1 Crunchy Taco and 1 Buritto. Now i dont know much about burittos except that in one ‘dexters laboratory’ episode he eats a huge one after making one of his brilliant inventions , so it must be good if dexter eats them right?
WWWRRRRRRRROOOOOOONGGGGGGGGGG!!!~~ [in a lex luthor voice]
H-H-H-H-H-HOLY SHIT that stuff is bad. It was like… eugh. dont even know what the fuck it was like , somewhat of a blend between beans , mincemeat , cheese and mayo. Like.. wtf.
The Taco was so-so , they put some weird sauce in there – mayo or maybe salad cream or something – which makes it taste a little funky , its edible at least though. 
Conclusions Drawn :
1) Next time follow gut instincts and get a subway sandwich instead of opting for the more adventurous option.
2) Taco Bell sucks , if that was meal 1 id hate to try meal 8 or something (much less meal 9001)
3) Spanish people have no tastebuds.

Another notable mention ~ There was a ‘claire’s accessories’ in the food court. What the fuck?
After eating and laughing at people throwing their money away on the stacker machine (trying to win an xbox360 @ $2 a pop – Its cheaper than in UK at least i guess , where its 2 quid a pop [$2 = 1 pound] ) we headed off to buy stuff , mum hunting around for typical woman stuff , handbags and clothes etc. Bought a nice shirt though , has soldiers holding up a guitar like a mortar and has ‘MUSIC IS MY WEAPON’ on the front , which reminded me alot of that song by disturbed.

Went to some bookshop also to buy a magazine for the plane ride home , magazines here are really thin , at least they’re cheaper.
Also found a gift for somebody at home , wont say who its for though 😉

ps. Brazillians.

For dinner we went to the IHOP – Thats ‘international House of Pancakes’ for those who don’t speak american. where i had… a Steak!
Not. that would be disgusting , who on earth would have steak 2 days in a row.
Instead i had a Savoury Crepe with chicken , spinach , mushrooms and cheese. How… almost healthy.

Tomorrow: Going to finish off the stuff we missed at Seaworld.

pps. Ended the day by watching Female Wrestling on my 50″ TV. – lol hair pulling <3

ppps. My left arm aches from spinning the turntable in beatmania and my Right arm aches from playing on my Pool table.

pppps. Wow. 54 blog views today.