Florida Day 17 : Seaworld Part II

Day 17 : Seaworld Part II

A slow start which lead into an even slower start , After eating breakfast and such (something crappy , i think it was bread and ham) i practiced 
some of my pool as usual – My current Best time for potting everything is 3:03 , cant seem to beat it :<
We went to seaworld to finish off the things we didnt do last time , we watched an animal show , watched some dolphins , petted some Stingray 
(Crikey!) and then went to look at some Manatee’s – which are correctly nicknamed ‘sea cow’ s , They are SOOOOOOO lazy , like wow. they just 
float about , they dont even swim ~ One of them fell on its side and just couldnt be fucked to do anything about it so it just layed there on its side. If i 
was some form of sea creature , id totally be a manatee.
Rode the ‘journey to atlantis’ (log flume) and Kraken (rollercoaster) as well which were both pretty awesome – kraken got me pretty dizzy though..
After this we went to see the arctic creatures – to see them you have to go on this simulator thing , which was an even bigger nausea trip than the 
kraken – guess im not cut out for simulator rides.
Had a nastyish Pizza for lunch – Should be redeemed by dinner. . .

We then returned to the villa , talked to Lauren on MSN for a bit as well as sent out my emails etc.
~ Lauren asked me how fat these americans are : A rough idea would be… ‘My thigh x2 = their arm’ ~

For dinner , we went to a polynesian/hawaiian place called ‘Makahiki Luau’ – a very fancy place indeed.
upon entering the Restaurant place we were directed back outside and given a complimentry drink (I had a ‘Mai Tai’ – some cocktail with fruit juices 
and rum) and given a flower necklace thing , very fancy (and a good souvineer). Inside the restaurant was seating and then a stage , where the 
main attraction would later appear. Half way into our meal (of Rice ,chicken , fish , veggies and ribs – good stuff) the show started , with fire eating 
, dancing  , hula girls (whose hips move independantly of their bodies it would appear) , drumming , shouting and general awesomeness.

ps.  ……………………….brazillians.