Florida Day 18 : Epcot

Day 18 : Epcot

As a forenote , id like to say that i think Theres more RAM in my sandwich than there is in this goddamned PC – “OH LOOK AT ME IM STEVENS HOLIDAY PC, I CANT RUN TABS IN FIREFOX CUZ I SUX SO MUCH”

We left a little before midday for Epcot , encouraged by the bright sun in the Florida sky – Once we arrived , we trekked to the fastpass distribution for the new star of Epcot , that being ‘Soarin’ ‘ – a sort of 
simulator ride – Our fastpass wasnt ready until later , so in the meantime we went onto the  Finding nemo ride , which turned out to be little other than another ‘Its a small world’ on rails style “ooh , look at the 
fancy scenery and bits and bobs” only with a seabound twist. The ride of course , decided to break down as soon as we boarded ~ This meant we were bombarded with a very distraught Marlin constantly 
screaming “NEMO , NEEEEEEMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!~” and the likes , which was rather irritating. 

After this we got a bite to eat because we missed the morning lunch – We had Rotisserie Chicken with Mash for Lunch , a tad dry , but filling for the price considering we are purchasing from a theme park.
We then went on ‘Soarin’ ‘ – and what a ride it was , its pretty unsurprising that it is so highly advertised (over here at least , on the side of the interstate and such) , you sit on a large swing type structure 
and it then lifts you in front of a huge IMAX style screen , flying scenes then display on the screen and fill your entire field of vision , you get engulfed by it , from the sky down to the 
water/trees/mountains/people beneath your feet.The chairthing then sways and tilts with the events on screen , and a large fan blows air at you to give the sensation of movement , other little things like 
scent producers take place as well – One particular bit features you flying over an orchard and the scent of oranges fills the air – was so awesome.

After this we went on the World Tour thing that Epcot does, with small extracts from many famous Countries , like France , italy , England , japan , China , Morroc-o and a few others. All of which were 
Highlights of which was the American take on England , which features big old style black lights , red phoneboxes everywhere along with our red post box and random castles and such in the background , 
and of course, a pub. 
Another was watching the Dragon legend acrobats in China – 1 girl spinning 4 plates , one on each extremity , whilst balanced on another girl balanced on another girl upside down – You work it out.  
And lastly watching the performers in Japan , making animal shapes out of some sort of candy substance , looked kinda like taffy or something. (watching girls trying on kimono’s was pretty cool too)

After we finished touring all of the countries , we returned to the area with rides , The queue for one particular ride had gone down from to around 15 minutes – Called ‘Mission:Space’ . . .
At the entrance to the ride , you are given a choice – Spinning , or Non Spinning. – The sign outside said the Spinning version had a shorter queue , so we opted for that one. . .
Upon entrance of the ride , we were given a breifing on what exactly we had gotten ourselves into – a 3 and a half minute astronaut space training session which takes place in one of those HUGE 
Stepping through the large doors we got to see the machine , a spiderlike contraption stemming from a large pivot point in the middle , with multiple pods for us to go into,  inside the pods, was a safety 
harness (a rather large one i may add) , joystick (for later use in the simulation thing) and 2 buttons (which you are required to press at points during the ride) The Ride has a large monitor in front of you , 
showing stuff from the first person as if you were in the spaceship , takeoff , flying through asteroids , the lot. I’d also like to mention the ride features the latest in SICK BAG technology , positioned directly in 
the center is a pouch full of sick bags , simply because – once the ride starts , it aint stoppin. No emergency button , no ‘exit through the doors on the right’ , nothin , it gets spinning – and if you need to barf , 
you do it, and if you’re lucky it doesent come flying back at you due to the centrifugal motion of the machine.
The ride then Spins around at 35mph generating some serious G forces on you, the feeling of simulated thrust , or realistic nausea perhaps. Was certainly an awesome ride for the feeling of thrust , but due 
to the extreme spinning and dizziness , im not quite sure if i would do it again.
[wow. long bit for one ride huh.]

We ended the day with some lovely fireworks (The Epcot Illuminations show) and then got some McD’s drive-thru on the way home since it was late.

ps. Brazillians
pps. Coming home soon :< - as most of you know , there are only 21 days in 3 weeks , and this is Day 18 going on 19! 

Tomorrow : Shopping and a thorough visit to wallmart

ppps. Some of you with larger monitors may have noticed i set the blog view thingy properly now , so you can actually use up some of that Screen