Florida Day 19 : Shopping (again)

Day 19 : Shopping (again)

Woke up and set off to the Flea Market , wasnt sure what to expect really, after 15 minutes drive we arrived , a large collection of stalls in a small wooden indoor area – somewhat like the shopping arcade in Romford. The stalls were generally very tourist orientated , with things like cheap beach towels , tourist shirts , fake disney merchandise and A LOT of airsoft hangduns, airsoft rifles/shotguns/launchers , knives ,axes , stun guns , nunchucks , maces , kunais , shurikens ,polearms , and weird Wolverine style hand knife things.

After this we went to have lunch at ‘Applebees’ where i had a rather nice Turkey and bacon melt (with cranberry chutney) and a Chicken Fajita thing.

We then went to Walmart – which as im sure i said before , is feckin huge. – They sell everything from Bread to poultry to GARDEN EQUIPMENT to clothes to TYRES to GUNS to games to music to televisions to magazines to skateboards to….. (you get the idea. they sell stuff.)
I found a rather handy looking ‘Game controller to PC USB adapter’ which on top of having 2 usb ports , has ports for a PS2 / GC / XBOX control pads and they can be in use at the same time , for 5 quid , SCORE! – Got one for myself and assumed hassan might want one too , so i got another (5 quid if you want it , if not , im sure somebody else will.) 

After walmart we went to ‘millenia shopping center’ which is a posh version of Lakeside and bluewater put together.
Nothing too exciting happened aside from…
I went into the games shop to buy a magazine for the plane flight home , upon reaching the register the guy looks at me and says ‘do you want the subscription’ – to which i responded ‘no’ he then said ‘oh , well you need the subscription to BUY the magazine , we CANT SELL YOU ONE UNLESS YOU HAVE THE SUBSCRIPTION’ . . . What the fuck? Stupid Americans.

For dinner we went to ‘Chilli’s’ which as the name suggests , serves spicy food , 1 plate of spicy Chicken strips with a corncob and chips , yummy. I ate so much i felt like throwing up , and still do as i type this.

Nothing much else to write about today ~ ohright.
We also popped into walgreens because of abies comment on my last blog post , what the hell are you on about , that shop is suck. its a fucking chemist. – no oreos for you.