Florida Day 20 : Rest / Old Town

Day 20 : Rest / Old Town

So our plans were cancelled today due to bad weather , I spent most of the day indoors in the villa doing boring stuff.
Watching some TV , playing some games , Practising Pool and Talking with the homies on MSN.

We had dinner at ‘Red Lobster’ which was absolutely amazing , the best meal ive had since ive been here , possibly the best meal of my life… (but 
ill have to think that through first incase im missing something) – I had a Lobster/Crab Combo , which was Lobster , Crab , Scallops , Prawns and 
some roast potatoes , brocoli and Corn on a cob on the side – all smothered in a gorgeous garlic and butter and herb sauce.

After dinner we took a walk to a place called ‘Old Town’ which is somewhat of a permanant funfair style place in a town with shops and such , the 
only interesting thing here was when we accidently wandered into a road filled with Street Racing cars , it looked like a scene from Fast and Furious 
or Need For Speed underground or something , hot looking sports cars with body-kits , vinyls , fancy paint jobs , neon lights and chrome rims 
(hoods popped and loud music blaring as well of course) 

We then returned home , for a spot of packing , since we are leaving soon. Tomorrow is our final Full day in Florida – and will be spent at  Downtown Disney , Disneyquest and Cirque du soleil