Florida Day 21 : DisneyQuest + Cirque Du Soleil + Farewell

Day 21 : DisneyQuest + Cirque Du Soleil + Farewell

Now seeking : Psychiatrist , to remove ‘her’ from my head , she is invading my dreams again, even after all this time. . .
Now. Enough of that.

Today we went to DisneyQuest , which is a largish ‘interactive indoor play area’ – or something like that.
The building is split into 2 categories , rides or activities and games. Rides include stuff like virtual reality games or simulators , and activities are 
stuff like learning to draw disney characters or recording your own music.  The games section is basically all manner of arcade video games set to 
free credits so you can play all you like , unfortunately most of those games are suck – There are retro stuff like asteroids , racing games , a few 
shooting and fighting games and then some dance machines (although ALL pump machines , no DDR – what the heck?)
So we spent most of our day here , playing about and doing whatever [completed that game where you sit in the jeep like thing lol – i think they have 
one in the bowling bit of the brewery in romford ~ oh. and also , i suck at PIU]

We then went to get lunch , i had 2 big mac sandwiches and some fries, which upon looking at the nutritional information means i ate 90% of my 
RDA fat in that one meal (approx 1400 calories – guideline max is 2000 or something.)

moving on from how fat and unhealthy i am. We proceeded to the famous ‘Cirque du Soleil’ which was absoloutely amazing , shame it was only 
about 1 and a half hours long. The 4 little girls playing with diablo’s were the best , followed by the trampoliners.
I have a strange urge to learn how to somersault and dance right now.

I have to pack in a moment , we are leaving tomorrow at around midday after lunch. So this will likely be my last blog entry in Florida.
This has been a great holiday and not one i will soon forget.
I hope that anybody viewing this has enjoyed reading it as much as i have documenting it.

Goodbye Florida.

Things i will miss :
Private Swimming Pool
Queen Sized Bed
Mountain Dew / Root Beer
Own billiard Table
Theme Parks / Water Parks
Good , Cheap Food / Eating out every day
Bikini Girls

Things i will Not miss :
This Computer