Now some of you on my MSN messenger list may recall that at one point my submessage was something to the effect of ‘New theory of hell : Being a waiter for >30 black people’
Well tonight that hell became a reality , just not for me thankfully.
Im not sure exactly what the staff who work the back did to deserve it , but they were SEVERELY punished for it by a group of FIFTY , yes , 50 ,  black people. All sat in the same area, all being demanding , all wanting special treatment and all screaming ‘YO BOSS , EY BOSS’ when wanting anything.
Im talking about a serious amount of black people in one area , it was like KFC was having a free chicken promo going on or something.

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  • If you were a female, I think that would be quite an experience… Depending on how much you were willing to ‘let go.’

    Then again, you’re not a female. :<

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