DS emulation is go!

An emulator called ‘no$gba’ has finally got to the stage where it actually works very decently.

Runs phoenix wright games at full speed and pokemon , zelda etc so i hear. Tested it personally with a few games and it seems pretty damn solid. So if you don’t have a DS or flash card , now is the time to try out some of the great DS games 😛

In other gaming related news..

Stranglehold is awesome , since its basically max payne starring chow yun fat.

Settlers II (10th anniversary edition) is just plain silly , get the ore by feeding the miners bread , fish and meat , get the meat from the hunter , get the fish from the fisherman and get the bread from the bakery – but to get the bakery to bake the bread you need flour and water , get the water from the well and get the flour from the mill – but to get the mill to make flour you need to get the grain from the farm . . . . . To build the farm you need to have planks from the sawmill which gets wood from the woodcutters which chops the wood the foresters create.
oh yeah. confusing.

Clive Barkers jericho seems pretty fair , although slightly generic unfortunately , i only wish it would run well on my pc because im currently running it at minimum settings at 800×600

Timeshift seems pretty good , from the 20 minutes i played of it yesterday it seems like a solid FPS , graphics are pretty amazing , on the first level anyway , with lots of dynamic shadows formed from lightning through windows etc. Very spiffy.