ho ho ho , early christmas

Gears of war and Call of Duty 4 released on scene today , wootwoot. Only problem is gears is 7.5gb and CoD4 is 6.3gb so its gonna take a hell of a long time to download, but at least i have enough hdd space for it mwahaha.

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  • That’s how big CoD4 is? Didn’t really know what the size was, I’m downloading it, but it’s paused atm for Vent. I’m looking forward to it, I hope its as good as everyone says.

    Also, The Witcher is really good apparently. It’s supposed to be a really, really solid RPG with a lot of awesome features. I’ll be downloading that when my CoD4 download is done. 😀

    I found Gears to be extremely disappointing, especially considering that its Epic Games, but whatevarrr. Did you play the 360 version?

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