Rule 228 of the Highway Code

(here we go again.)

Rule 228.
Icy And Snowy Weather.

In winter check the local weather forecast for warnings of icy or snowy weather. DO NOT drive in these conditions unless your journey is essential , if it is , take great care and allow more time for your journey. Take an emergency kit of de-icer and ice scraper , torch , warm clothing and boots , first aid kit , jump leads and a shovel together with a warm drink and emergency food in case you get stuck or your vehicle breaks down.

I wasn’t sure if i was driving a car in snowy weather or being sucked into the
video game Lost planet for a second there.

Ice and Snowy Weather

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  • It’s snowing down there? Heavily? Take some pictures when you’re out driving. I’m a r8 sucker for some nice winter pics. 😀

    FYI, I’m your biggest fan!1!

  • roffle @ boyce

    it never snows down here. it snows like once a year, and even then it’s really lightly.

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