Oh god. More games.

So i woke up this morning and went to BC as i normally do.

– Need for speed prostreet
– Sim City Societies
– Blacksite Area 51

released , whats with all the game releases this month?! I havent even started downloading crysis yet! D:

I thought id also warn you all that Hellgate london is pretty fail , its sorta like someone went and put a Skin over World Of Failcraft and then added in some slight FPS elements. Game is pretty much ‘go here’ , ‘go there’ , ‘kill X imp warriors’ , ‘kill the overpoweredmonster’ and then of course grinding to try and better your character into one which doesn’t suck. I guess its pretty bad that i enjoyed it also , maybe i should try WoW…

ps. I dont actually have it yet , but im having second thoughts about that zalman 9700…
That thing is NOT SMALL YO. infact , its a friggin beast. Look how it TOWERS over that graphics card. Yikes.