I’m blog ya’ll , im blog ya’ll…

1 – I think im going to be in the facebook of some random 15 year old girls. They asked if they could take a picture.. with me. then handed the camera to their dad/uncle/grandpa (godknows.) and came either side of me and posed. my workplace is getting weirder by the minute.

2 – Im going to go ahead and blame the Scummisland community for being a bad influence on me. I unconsciously said ‘Shut duh fuck up nigguhs’ out loud whilst they were all off being black to some birthday celebration. So yeah. Blame Scummisland for my turning racist.

3 – Remember that heatsink i told you all about a few posts ago? well it came… and its a fuggin BEAST. Its pretty hard to think of a decent item to compare it to , but id go as far as saying its about the same mass as Jordans left tit. Or maybe 3/4 of my head, or 2 and a half Fists

4 – Kane and Kynch : Dead men , is out for PC , 7.2gb – far too many good games lately , however one of them is’nt…

5 – Sim City Societies. It is NOT a SimCity game. Its almost like a huge extension of ‘the Sims 2’ , they took out alot of the advanced stuff that made you feel important in the old SimCity games. Also gone is the old Zoning system (small residential area , large commercial area…etc) and instead now you pick out the individual houses and such , gone is the electricity linking and plumbing… pretty much anything which ever slightly made you think ‘hmmm.’ in the old simcity games is not present here. Its almost as if they redesigned the game with 10 year olds in mind.
What a shame , the game looks good at least i suppose.

6 – Need for speed prostreet is pretty shit as well , its as if NFSU ate some of Gran Turismo and then took out a penknife and stabbed itself in the leg to make itself move all juttery. Customization is still in , tuning is still in , fun driving is not in. Instead , realism is in. Yes. Need for Speed + Realism = Fail

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  • tbh I get the feeling you’ve become outrageously attractive since I’ve last seen you. the bitches can not stay off that dick, apparently.

    racism comes as no suprise whatsoever.

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