Wtf? Hitman had an alternate ending?

So after playing some Kane & Lynch – which has more swearing than gears of war i might add – i felt like the game seemed awfully familiar , especially the 4th level in which you walk through a nightclub, wading through crowds of people in the dark? surely ive done this somewhere before… This led me on a hunt to see if kane and lynch uses the same engine as Hitman Blood Money , which it does. However i also discovered at this point that there was an alternate (or true, if you like) ending to Hitman BM. Now if you played through the game and you’re a dumbass like me , you just sat there with your thumb up your ass waiting for the credits to finish and assume that hitman dies , and this is the final game in the series. Well apparently , that aint right. Mashing movement keys whilst the credits are rolling causes 47 to come back to life and you can then proceeed to slaughter everyone in the vicinity.

Oh by the way, from what ive played – Kane & Lynch = 6/10 , seems like a pretty mediocre game, think Hitman but without stealth. The co-op mode does seem pretty good though , splitscreen mode works perfectly with one person on 360 control pad and one person on keyboard and mouse. Will definately have to try that sometime… when i get some friends :<
on the plus side , the story does seem to be pretty good , which is nice for a game.

Id also like to express my hate for ebuyer right now , when they do things right , they get it very right , but when they fuck up… they fuck up bigtime and customer services is like talking to a piece of wood.