Wanna have a baby?

So i was at work today…. [yeah , you guessed it.]Me – unaware of whats going on.
Girl : honey? sweetie? gorgeous? handsome?
Me – *turns around by coincidence and takes drinks orders etc*
Girl : Oh wow , you’re cute. Single?
Me : uh.. oh .. no (a lie of course)
Girl : oh.. give me your number anyway.
Me : uhh.. maybe later.
Girl : oh so you still havent given me your number yet
Me : Sorry , i already told you i have a girlfriend
Girl : Forget her… oh wow , you have really nice eyes
Me – *sweating*
Girl : imagine you and me. . . . . . Having a baby.

Now fortunately at this time i was called off to do some stuff with the stocks in the staff area , but from what i hear from the other staff is that she waited around for like 15 minutes and started yelling at the other staff saying stuff like ‘if you dont bring him to me i refuse to pay’
My workplace is scary ;_;
In other non-work related new
– My Case and such came on friday , built it and everything. Its not as quiet as the reviews made it out to be , which is a shame. Its also fucking huge and looks like it could double as a fridge freezer (heatsink the size of my face fits inside though thankfully) , Might upload some pics or something at some point in the near future. – all temperatures have dropped by about 10 deg C also. which is nice.

– Unreal Tournament III is damn beastly. It feels alot like Unreal Tourney 2K4 but with better graphics and such , which is definately a good thing. Shame i cant run it at a decent framerate without having to set to a low resolution (720×450) but the game seems to have a nice scaling system in place – what i mean is that you can run the game at your native resolution so that all the menus and GUI are the correct size , but then change the game rendering size to a certain percentage. The game then runs the game in that size , stretches it to fullscreen and then puts on the native resolution GUI over the top. So all the screen elements are the right size. Good stuff.

– Shoutout to my homeboy [BoYc3] who recently set up a blog. which can be found at www.boycebrush.com/blog/ , i’ve also added [Sean]’s blog to the linky bit at the right ( http://sean.scummisland.com/ ) , if you have a personal site you want linked just drop a comment.

– Kane and Lynch has a really good story ,almost to the level where im only playing it for the story and not the gameplay. – best line so far by kane (to lynch of course on topic of him ‘accidently’ killing someone) : “FUCK! You’re a fucking idiot!! What the fuck is the matter with you!?!” , whats probably best about this line is how i can imagine Bruce willis saying it.

– Whilst sitting on the bog and reading the readers digest , i came across an article. Longstory short…
‘a married couple plan to divorce after unwittingly chatting each other up on the internet using fake names’

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