I feel really guilty about not making many blog posts lately , but at the same time i don’t really fancy posting lots of crappity crap.

As such , i suppose ill make an actual ‘blog’ post

This week has been assessment week , which in our college is basically mock exams but if you fail them you get kicked off the course , lovely stuff. So ive been working my ass off slacking as usual and playing games and watching anime more than i should do, on the games front ive been playing abit of Sega Rally with my new processor , seems the game is pretty reliant on it because before on my Athlon 3200+ i would get around 5-10fps on lowest settings But now i can whack the settings up to medium-high and play at HD resolution without much of a hitch (40+ fps) ive also been playing a fair bit of Touhou8 and a little bit of Team fortress 2. Speaking of which…

Server IP:
The (rich) scumm guys recently bought this TF2 server , not sure how long for but its there for now. Lots of groovy custom maps too. Although i question how much it’ll get played on because i think everyone is off playing Speedball 2 – not sure what the fuss is with that ,looks like PES ate some rugby and then thought it would play dress-up as a UT3/Gears of War character. Not a fan of the 2 sides one ball thing so ill be giving this a miss – not to mention i dont have much money right now after buying christmas presents (id love to tell you all what i got but id be screwed if one of my family members reads this blog) – to everyone else worth anything in my life and lives near me (sorry internet friends) you’ll be getting tolberones or those big cadbury chocolate bar things if they’re still doing them.

In other stuff , ive also started watching a new anime series called ‘Kanon’
lol Kanon
yeah i know what you’re thinking , and i wholeheartedly agree.
Ive only seen 3 episodes so far but ill summarize the story so far.
Kyon (from Haruhi – same looking character , same voice same everything) comes to a new town and meets a shitton of girls with cute voices and attributes. – and… thats it. pretty much.
It feels a hell of a lot like haruhi but without haruhi , with kyon doing the narration , ginger haired girls and even a yuki act-a-like who doesent talk much.
[edit : okay , this anime is really addictive , episode 8 now.]

Id also like to announce that from now on i shall be reviewing games in my own style , i havent tried yet but i get the feeling it’ll basically be a zero punctuation review in text but with more punctuation . . . yeah. something to that effect.