The Sound of Music…

So i was playing TF2 with the scummbois earlier and my microphone started hardcore messing up.
now my headset had always been somewhat of a bitch , right from the beginning, along with my onboard sound they formed a pact to annoy the living shit out of me whenever possible.

Enough i thought. I quit TF2 and stormed onto ebuyer.
20 minutes later. . .
Longstory short , i ended up buying a ‘creative HS900 headset’ and a Creative Sound-Blaster X-Fi Xtrememusic.

I did consider buying some 7.1 speakers as well but i dont really have money to burn and it would be wasted if i were to move out of home for uni – because somehow i doubt that packing 8 speakers would be any fun.

ps. holy shit its 3am , i need to sleep. pronto.

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  • 1. awesssoommmee…I’m so gonna love it when you become an audiophile too and we can relate and shit. Can’t wait to bitch about the charletans with their puny headphones and sub-par soundcards

    2. horse shit do you not have money to burn. Not only do you have money to burn, you can then use the fire that is burning on that money to light your cigar that is rolled from £20 notes and packed with ground up £50 notes. you crazy, non-impulsive spending bastard.

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