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So one of my colleagues at work had brought in a packet of sweets snacks stuff edibles meatcubes.
“You eat beef right?” the girl behind the bar asked
“yeah” i hesitantly replied.
“try some of these.” she says ,as she hands me these little wrapped things. It looks like some sort of candy or chocolate
I open it up. . .
A summary of what you see before you would go something like so…
Someone got a lump of beef , cooked it for a billion hours , put it through some sort of paper shredder to turn into bits and then compressed it back together using some sort of technique similar to the thwomps ‘UUHGGGHGHHGH’ slam.
It is a cube of meat.

CLICK ME FOR THE FULLSIZE PICTURE OF THE LAST SHOT. YOU NEED TO SEE THE AMAZERING DETAIL OF THE MEATCUBE . . . i think i see some hair coming out of it o_o – warning 2560×1920 intense HD resolution (thats 1920p)

ps. fuck weighted companion cube.

edit :
(00:30:17) (@Anonymous1c4_) did you eat it?

Yes i did , they’re actually rather nice , it tastes abit like Beef jerky but slightly spicier. I actually went back for more , i think ive eaten about 7 today.

New monitor on the way.

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Samsung SM-245B – 24″ widescreen

Bought it the other day , gonna be arriving on Thursday the 3rd

Had to buy from scan because overclockers were going to deliver it 38 years into the past.
not that i dont like fast delivery but i wont be in on any of those days.
because not only me , but even my mum had yet to be born.

I honestly have nothing to blog right now. how boring.

Wii are online!~

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Finally managed to get my Wii online and such , so i want some people in my address book for fun messaging time! :D

my wii code is : 4106 2209 7881 0471 

Add me then drop your code in the comment box <3

Christmas Card (late Post)

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I recieved this on the 23rd and havent had a chance to take and upload picture.

Basically , girl at work gave me this card. Her english is horrific at best ,but she made an effort here.

Merry Christmas

This is definitive proof that my workplace is the most fucked up place on earth.

5x Magnification.

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On the flipside , at least my goatee looks more than it actually is in the mirror.

…i can also see some extreme detail on my nipples. Including an alarming quantity of hair coming from my right one.

ps. rofl. wow this thing costs £20 online? D:

A grim christmas

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Girly mirror with 5x magnification and light and hearts.
underwear x6
socks x3
Book gift card £5
Scarf x2
Pillows x2
Packet of doritos (yay!)
Dip x2
honey Roasted peanuts
Soft drink x1.5l
Steam copy of ‘Psychonauts’ (thanks L33tfella_H <3 ) its also worth noting that its a family tradition to gamble with each other (playing cards), i lost £12 to my grandparents :/ [although i was partnered with 2 people , and they lost £18 and £12 – yeah. we got fucking slaughtered.] I still havent had a chance to take a picture of / scan in the christmas card i got from one of the girls at work. Ill have to do that sometime.

Mr Boss Boss

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So uh… weird day at work the other day (saturday).
Along with a new guy- who looks suspiciously like ‘Tanaka Hajime’ from Ouendan


We also had a visit from mr Boss Boss or somebody higher up.
Longstory short , mr Boss Boss is this guy (below)

Only difference i noticed is that Mr boss boss seemed more bound by physics but thats a minor detail.


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So apparently  5 years ago i was a neopet monster because i have all this stuffs which i can only imagine took me ages to get.
After logging in i thought id take some screenshots to show you guys some of the awesomeness which i found inside.


If i remember right i had to change my main neopet from the green tiger to the meekra because my tiger got the digital form of aids and the cure was only able to be purchased for some obscene amount of neopoints (i think it needed like 100k , fuck that.)
Worth noting that i think my pets are a tidge hungry :<  Bank Account :

Account Type : Double Platinum

Current Balance : 28,158 NP
Double Platinum Interest Rate : 8.0% per year.
Yearly Interest : 2,252 NP


Meng VS [BoYc3] @ Bejeweled

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Meng wins.

in other blogish news. i FINALLY beat 100 sec kitchen battle on Hyper on Pop n Music.
This has pretty much been my life goal ever since i saw a ‘crazy japanese guy plays music game’ video on ebaumsworld about 4 years ago.
So 4 years later ,multiple blisters and 1 broken dualshock controller , i have finally beaten this song – by 1 life bar i might add (one miss and i would’nt have made it).
100sec kitchen battle

Meng wins again!

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