So one of my colleagues at work had brought in a packet of sweets snacks stuff edibles meatcubes.“You eat beef right?” the girl behind the bar asked“yeah” i hesitantly replied.“try some of these.” she says ,as she hands me these … Read More

New monitor on the way.

Samsung SM-245B – 24″ widescreen Bought it the other day , gonna be arriving on Thursday the 3rd Had to buy from scan because overclockers were going to deliver it 38 years into the past.not that i dont like fast … Read More

Wii are online!~

Finally managed to get my Wii online and such , so i want some people in my address book for fun messaging time! 😀 my wii code is : 4106 2209 7881 0471  Add me then drop your code in … Read More

Christmas Card (late Post)

I recieved this on the 23rd and havent had a chance to take and upload picture. Basically , girl at work gave me this card. Her english is horrific at best ,but she made an effort here. This is definitive … Read More

5x Magnification.

HOLY SHIT I CAN SEE THE PORES ON MY FACE.WHAT ARE THOSE HAIRS DOING GROWING ON MY CHEEK , GET TAE FUCK OFF. On the flipside , at least my goatee looks more than it actually is in the mirror. … Read More

A grim christmas

Presents:Girly mirror with 5x magnification and light and hearts.underwear x6socks x3Book gift card £5CoatScarf x2Pillows x2Packet of doritos (yay!)Dip x2honey Roasted peanutsSoft drink x1.5lSteam copy of ‘Psychonauts’ (thanks L33tfella_H

Merry F*cking Christmas!~

Merry christmas to all , hope you all have a good’un.Merry F*cking Christmas^Still in my mind from last christmas where i read it on Pryme’s BlogOh how the years fly.


This is for anyone who ever played Ouendan , although those who have finished Ouendan 2 will probably appreciate this more 😀