Guitar Queer-o

So i recently bought ‘obtained’ guitar hero 3 for PC, I don’t have a guitar of any sort but i thought id give it a go anyway for a laugh.
The game’s default control system for PC is (for the frets)Shift , | , Z , X ,C ,V and for the strum bar – Mouse 1 , mouse 2 , scroll wheel. Spacebar is star power and i think alt is whammy. Pretty F’d up controls.
So i went into the controls and edited them to the frets on fire style – being the F1-F5 keys for the frets and enter for strumming , enter wouldnt work as the game has that prebound to advancing menus and stuff , so i put it onto insert, starpower on print screen and home as whammy.
By doing this i can play with the guitar upside down. However… a problem soon unfolded before me.
My keyboard Refuses to do F2 + F3 + another button , that being when a chord comes along which is F2 + F3 the keyboard wont respond to my ‘strumming’ which ends up in misses and on some songs – failure.
Okay then. im a genius guy , i can work this out… So i thought.
I pulled out my USB laptop mouse and plugged it in (its pretty small). I changed the controls to mouse 1 for strumming , now to play i use my left hand for frets and my right hand holding the USB mouse against the keyboard (mouse2 is for starpower incase you’re wondering – and mouse movement is whammy, which actually works kinda well). This is all well and good , i can hit those F2+F3 notes now because the mouse is a seperate input from the keyboard. I can actually play now.
Unfortunately when i tried playing Expert mode earlier GH is trying to be a pioneer and introduce 3 fret chords , primarily consisting of F1+F2+F3 it would seem , which my keyboard again won’t support. Great. I guess ill steal that 90’s guy’s geetar at some point, he should be playing beatmania instead of silly guitar games anyway.
Below is a picture of me playing Guitar Hero , it hasnt been edited at all
Guitar Hero TREEEE

offtopic : Changed my wallpaper background today , its the Elite Beat Diva’s from Elite beat Agents on DS!

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  • You look very very very sexy 😛
    O and guess who!!!???!!! hehe
    luvies you
    btw im a girl so dont think im some sorta gay lover
    and i dont fancy you coz that would be icky hehe

  • i love how your fingers are all blurred

    p.s. my 90’s shirt fits people who weigh less than 300lbs

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