Balls Of Fury

So i just finished watching the film ‘Balls of Fury’ and whilst its not a film which will be winning any awards any time soon , is still a great comedy flick. The jist of the story (which could have been thought up by a kid with downs syndrome i might add) is an ex-ping pong prodigy has to infiltrate an elite ping pong tournament with the help of black FBI agent to stop a large scale arms dealing operation.

Im very unsure as to whether or not the film was actually funny or not , as it seemed to me that a majority of the times i was laughing out loud were the bits which werent intended to be THAT funny , further backed up by the poorly scripted lines which are occasionally used to try and be funny but generally end up failing completely.

The film then transitions from comedy to james bond style action flick at around the 2/3 mark where all the characters and their grandma suddenly start weilding SMG’s like its the normal thing to do , this was rather weird and didn’t add to the story or enjoyment factor of the film much but rather some sort of way for the producers to spend more money on special effects – as generally speaking , ping pong holds very little potential for special effects other than matrix style camera shifts and slow motion.

All in all though the film is genuinely entertaining and funny and well worth a watch – if only for the scene with the fly swatter (which will make sense once you’ve seen it.)