A grim christmas

Girly mirror with 5x magnification and light and hearts.
underwear x6
socks x3
Book gift card £5
Scarf x2
Pillows x2
Packet of doritos (yay!)
Dip x2
honey Roasted peanuts
Soft drink x1.5l
Steam copy of ‘Psychonauts’ (thanks L33tfella_H <3 ) its also worth noting that its a family tradition to gamble with each other (playing cards), i lost £12 to my grandparents :/ [although i was partnered with 2 people , and they lost £18 and £12 – yeah. we got fucking slaughtered.] I still havent had a chance to take a picture of / scan in the christmas card i got from one of the girls at work. Ill have to do that sometime.