So one of my colleagues at work had brought in a packet of sweets snacks stuff edibles meatcubes.
“You eat beef right?” the girl behind the bar asked
“yeah” i hesitantly replied.
“try some of these.” she says ,as she hands me these little wrapped things. It looks like some sort of candy or chocolate
I open it up. . .
A summary of what you see before you would go something like so…
Someone got a lump of beef , cooked it for a billion hours , put it through some sort of paper shredder to turn into bits and then compressed it back together using some sort of technique similar to the thwomps ‘UUHGGGHGHHGH’ slam.
It is a cube of meat.

CLICK ME FOR THE FULLSIZE PICTURE OF THE LAST SHOT. YOU NEED TO SEE THE AMAZERING DETAIL OF THE MEATCUBE . . . i think i see some hair coming out of it o_o – warning 2560×1920 intense HD resolution (thats 1920p)

ps. fuck weighted companion cube.

edit :
(00:30:17) (@Anonymous1c4_) did you eat it?

Yes i did , they’re actually rather nice , it tastes abit like Beef jerky but slightly spicier. I actually went back for more , i think ive eaten about 7 today.

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