Super Paper Mario has the most retarded level ever.

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So i recently got Super Paper Mario back after RMA’ing it because of disk errors and such. And i come to chapter 2-3 (i think).
The jist of this chapter is that you break a vase costing 1 million rubees (yes rubees) , you then have to work this off by doing bullshit menial chore for ages.
You start in a block jumping room thing , basically you jump to hit a block above your head for 100 times (aka. push the button 100 times.) , you then take the 100 rubees you make and give it to some other guy who will in exchange give you the code for the ‘special’ bullshit menial chore room which involves you running around in a giant hamster wheel for ages (aka. hold right on the dpad for somewhere in the region of half an hour)
Heres a picture of me in my lounge playing this segment.


Oh. whoops. yeah by me playing i meant my substitute – a rubber band.
Thank goodness for rubber bands , without them i might have actually had to endure this shit for any longer than 20 seconds.

Meanwhile in another part of home…


Is me occupying myself whilst im waiting for stupidass hamster wheel to generate me money.

After about half an hour of playing i return downstairs to find my Wiimote had switched itself off due to extreme boredom and such.
Thats right guys , even my fucking wiimote is tired of this shit.
I turn my wiimote back on and get out of the hamster wheel to see how much money ive earned in the half an hour i spent being nibbled on by angry spaniards.
I’ve earned 24,000 rubees. (out of 1,000,000 – thats 2.5%)


I cried a little.

A forum a themesong and a…wooden bicycle?

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The new Forums , Entitled the… well. Click and find out. –

Also. Nguman made a super xtreme rap for the scummisland –

And in other news some crazy 16 year old kid builds a fully working wooden bike. – what the fuuuuuuuuuuck.

Article :

ps. Do not look in the toe topic in the forums.

pps. Leave a comment if you want to see a Meng blowing shisha smoke in the next blog post.

Filler Post

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I found a bunch of these pictures on someone else’s site , but instead of linking the URL i thought id just steal all of the pictures and use it as filler material for when i have nothing to blog about. Clever eh?!
I love these because they remind me alot of the ‘Good idea Bad Idea’ skits from the old Animaniacs cartoons :D





It probably intrests nobody but I generally schedule blog posts to be published at exactly 01:01 GMT time.
Okay i was joking , im actually a sad git and stay up til exactly 1.01am to post every night. :’<

Zimbabwe – The only country where you can be a multi-millionaire and still starve to death.

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“As the US economy inches ever closer to a recession, it might provide a little perspective to look at what a real economic crisis looks like. Plagued by hyperinflation of over 50,000% a year, Zimbabwe’s central bank recently decided to issue $10 million notes– believed to be the highest denomination of currency in the world today. The bill, worth less than US$4, is barely enough to purchase a hamburger. One writer illustrates the rampant inflation:

“The bill is exactly the same color, layout and design as a $20 bill I’ve been carrying in my wallet since my trip to Zimbabwe 15 months ago… When I wrote about that $20, it was worth about $0.025 USD – a silly amount of money to represent with a bill, but still a functional piece of currency. At the moment, that bill is worth $0.00000005 cents, or 5 hundred-millionths of a cent.”

Residents of Zimbabwe have been forced to use brick-shaped stacks of worthless bills to purchase even everyday items, like groceries. This  shown below is what it took to buy a beer just a month ago– today the situation is still worse. The introduction of the $10 million bill is a response to this, but given the astronomical rate of inflation, the bill will only hold its value for a few weeks before it too becomes worthless”


I rofl’d , this is so bad its horrible. Although i would like to get my hands on a couple of those 10 million dollar bills. Then id cover myself in honey and stick the bills to myself and run around with a suit of bills – which i can only assume would be somewhere in the region of $500,000,000

..what are you looking at me like that for. you guys never fantasize about wearing money?

Jets N Guns uploaded

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Ive uploaded a cool game for you all called ‘Jets N Guns’ , its a sidescrolling shooter similar to gradius and such only with the twist of you being able to buy weapons/missiles/bombs and upgrade them. Play levels for money , use money to upgrade plane , use planes to play levels etc.

It really is a good game , id recommend you all try it- there are some good gameplay videos on youtube.

its 40/40/25 mb to download and unpacks to around 140mb.
give it a shot :3


Probably a good idea to play on easy since its stupid hard on anything above that. When you complete the game you can play on harder difficulties with your upgraded ship.

New Feature added to the site

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Meng’s Bizarre Adventure now has file hosting capabilities.
is the URL for the hosting service , it is also available in the hotlinks section on the right nav-bar of this blog.

Ive been pretty relaxed with the file stuff , the maximum allowed file size is 500mb
This is mainly because a have a shitton of bandwidth and stuff and i dont use any of it – i think i have somewhere around 500tb bandwidth? something silly like that so feel free to use it for whatever you want.
edit : Just checked , i have 5.6 TB bandwidth per month and my current disk space usage is 75MB out of 524GB

You can see what has been uploaded by other people by using the below link.

The only rules are:

Regular porn , warez , cracks , coursework , images , whatever the fuck you want is allowed.

Coolermaster , heatsinks to rival car engines.

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Coolermasters new heatsink series for CPU’s , named similar to car engines and sized appropriately.
First is the V8

Yes. obscenely huge. but then. . .

~A CHALLENGER APPEARS ~ (yeah i know.)


the V10.
Now how this one works is waaaay beyond me. I thought my heatsink was fucking huge but this one is approximately a foot long apparently.
You can see the mounting point at the bottom there for the CPU – yes. that square. That is the size of a CPU , why the fuck would anyone need that. . . THING to cool it down O_O”

These were shown at CES 2008 , not sure when they’ll be out.

Go for it sean!

Audiosurf – Amplitude for your mp3’s

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Well okay not quite amplitude. But its still pretty damned cool nonetheless.

Thats the link for the current beta , but im not sure how long it’ll work since its… well.. beta.

Beta weekend is over folks , Those who missed the boat. Missed the boat. D:

Thats their actual homepage and for a sample picture…

How bout some’o’dat ?

The gist of this is , you start up the game, select a music file from YOUR pc , it generates a level for you , what you then do is control a ship with your mouse and try to match certain colours.
This is somewhat flawed in a way as the aim of the game isnt always to hit beats on time but nonetheless it provides a new and intresting way for you to listen to your own music – the game track generated is of course influenced by the actual music track you are playing.

Of course after playing the tutorial level and thinking ‘wow this game is bullshit easy’ i proceeded to put it on medium difficulty level and pick a track which is J-trance. Now i know not many of you are too educated in J-trance but its basically normal trance , sped up by 3 times and with a japanese woman ‘singing’ (although im sure in its native language its more like rapping) over the top.
I got my ass handed to me.

2nd go.. i thought id try that song…

Another nifty thing about this game is that whatever song you play , your end score gets uploaded , so anyone else who has ever played that song before will have a score up.
Rather amazingly , only 1 person had a score on ‘The Ritual’ ,a pretty low one too. Maybe s/he got MAC TRUCK’D half way?

Ragnarok Online , still going strong apparently

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So i was chatting to a friend about stuff when Ragnarok Online came up in the topic , feeling abit nostalgic i thought id check ROempire and see if anything has changed since i last checked.
Along with new classes (gunslinger , ninja) they added lots of new MVP monsters too. Most of which look pretty badass. Just thought id share this with you all and let you all rest assured that im definately NOT looking for an MMORPG to play. Because i hate those , yup. Honestly.

I havent been considering playing Phantasy Star Universe , World of Warcraft , Eve Online or RF online. Nope. Not me.

In other news.
New smash bros brawl trailer in japan looks TEH AMAZING

And something for Nguman – whom he says reads my blog every day <3

$119.40 due

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DreamHost Billing Team to me

show details 11:24 AM (8 hours ago)




This is just a notice that your DreamHost Account #123456
(“Meng’s Account”) has a balance of $119.40 (including any charges not
due until 2009-01-02), with $119.40 due (since 2008-12-02).

You also have $119.40 past due (owed since 2008-11-02), and if
by 2009-01-02 you do not pay at least the $119.40 part, your
account will be automatically suspended until payment is received.


Thanks dreamhost , you guys are fuckin’ Beast.

Glad to see that Y2K bug isnt getting the better of y’all.

Welcome to HDbits

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Welcome to HDbits , i hope you brought your Hard drive CUZ IM EATIN IT.

This is of course an exaggeration , the screenshot is only showing the largest torrents. however this is still not a site for the faint of HDD space, the average movie ranges from around 3gb to 8gb depending on the size of the film and the quality (avg 4gb for 720p , 8gb for 1080p)
and lets not forget TV episodes! – Want an episode of lost? yes? Okay , that’ll be 1.5 gigs then.

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