Baby Savaged By Dog: Mum Grieves On Her 18th Birthday,,30100-1298682,00.html?f=rss – full article here.

Long story short. . .
” young mother has left a message for “little angel” as she spends her 18th birthday grieving for her toddler son after he was savaged by the family’s Rottweiler. In a message on her page of website Bebo, Becki Hirst wrote: “R.I.P my lil angle mummy knows your still here love u alway and foreva (sic) x x x x x x “.”

Im going straight to hell for this , but is it SO fucking hard for a greiving mother to at least not spell her dead childs memorial message like a retard?
Im also pretty annoyed that she did not specify just how ‘lil’ her angle was , are we talking 5° or 15° or what?

Ps. warning. Mac truck approaching.