Ragnarok Online , still going strong apparently

So i was chatting to a friend about stuff when Ragnarok Online came up in the topic , feeling abit nostalgic i thought id check ROempire and see if anything has changed since i last checked.
Along with new classes (gunslinger , ninja) they added lots of new MVP monsters too. Most of which look pretty badass. Just thought id share this with you all and let you all rest assured that im definately NOT looking for an MMORPG to play. Because i hate those , yup. Honestly.

I havent been considering playing Phantasy Star Universe , World of Warcraft , Eve Online or RF online. Nope. Not me.

In other news.

New smash bros brawl trailer in japan looks TEH AMAZING

And something for Nguman – whom he says reads my blog every day <3

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